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There is something special about Oregon. The mix of rural simplicity with urban hipster progressivism and twenty-first-century industrial technology creates a cultural hybrid of old and new, country and city that produces some of the smartest and funniest people you will ever meet.

Albany-Millersburg Economic Development Corporation

Open for Business

Located just eleven miles southeast of Seattle, in the heart of the Greater Seattle and Puget Sound region, the City of Renton has a legacy of many recognized and highly respected businesses. Renton has emerged from its early economy that was founded on timber, clay production and coal mining, to become the home of numerous service-based businesses, technology companies, manufacturers, banking entities and sports franchises. Renton is widely known for fostering a pro-business environment for companies of any size.

City of Renton, WA

Historically Rich and Poised for Growth

The city of Lakewood in Washington State is only twenty years old but has a historic past and hopeful future. Incorporated in 1996, Lakewood is well-situated near military bases and West Coast ports. The new city offers vast recreational opportunities and a growing economy.

City of Lakewood, WA

From 19th Century Paper and Lumber to 21st Century Tech

Camas is a town built around economic opportunity from its origin surrounding three lumber mills and a paper mill that remains the largest west of the Mississippi to the late eighties when the technology sector took the State of Washington by storm. Despite growing from lumber and pulp to technology and gaining thousands of citizens, Camas retains its hometown small town feel. Paul Dennis and Scott Higgins spoke to me from their offices in city hall.

City of Camas, WA

Gem of the South Puget Sound

The City of Olympia is known worldwide for its many tourist attractions, tremendous scenery, thriving arts community, unique historic downtown and more. The city welcomes visitors, artists, entrepreneurs, and residents who appreciate the natural beauty, rich culture, and splendor offered by the Pacific Northwest and the Puget Sound area.

City of Olympia, WA

Over Two Hundred Years at the Heart of American Industry

Richland County was named after the fertile land settlers found there just a few years before it was first incorporated in 1808. By the middle of the twentieth century, the area was at the center of the American manufacturing belt, which has deteriorated in the last few decades…

Richland Community Development Group

The Gateway to Ohio’s Scenic Wonderland

Although this is a rural area with a population of just under 30,000, Hocking County, Ohio has an abundance of natural resources and potential, making it a great place to call home. This is where community thrives, and the county is working hard to advance, encourage and promote economic and social development from which it can continue to grow.

Hocking County, OH

Building on its Assets

Williams County, Ohio is no stranger to success. The community has been home to a vibrant manufacturing sector for decades. “We have been making things in northwest Ohio for a long time; we are not new to the manufacturing game or the large employer game,” says Matt Davis, Executive Director of the Williams County Economic Development Corporation (WEDCO).

Williams County, OH

Accessibility, Affordability and Entrepreneurship

For decades, large industries and home-grown enterprises alike have taken root and flourished in Ashland, Ohio. With a unique mix of both affordability and accessibility, the county offers enterprises a gateway to strategic transportation routes and, most importantly, success.

Ashland, OH

Success Speaks for Itself

The Seneca Industrial and Economic Development Corporation (SIEDC) was created in 1983 to provide strong, strategic leadership with the goal of promoting economic development. Today, over three decades later, the organization continues to thrive under President and Chief Executive David Zak.

Seneca Industrial and Economic Development Corporation

January 24, 2019, 8:28 AM EST