Building the Future on Southern Ground

Oconee County enjoys a prime location, strategically nestled between Athens and Atlanta, Georgia. The community sits at the crossroads of two major highways, providing easy access to the surrounding metro areas…

Oconee County, GA

Growing Opportunities in Rural Georgia

Douglas-Coffee County is one of Georgia’s fastest growing communities. “Coffee County has always been a great example of a rural community that is progressive and growing, despite the fact that we are over 30 miles from the nearest interstate,” says Andrea Taylor, President of Douglas-Coffee County Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Authority.

Douglas-Coffee County, GA

Development through Well-being

In our December 2014 issue, the Greater St. Cloud region was referred to as ‘On the Grow,’ and now a strategic partnership has been formed to sustain the benefits of this growth. Greater St. Cloud and interested community members have taken steps to maximize the region’s advantages in order to support local businesses, residents and overall community well-being.

Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation

Keeping America Moving

Owned by its valued employees, Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc. – known to many of its clients as SEH® – is a company on a mission: Building a Better World for All of Us®.


Partnership, Excellence, Ethics, and Commitment

DECCO has been delivering mechanical contracting services to New England since 1934. Known for its quality and innovation, the Brookline, New Hampshire, based business specializes in utility piping installation, process and laboratory plumbing, specialty gas and chemical piping installation, turnkey tool/equipment installation, and a wide range of support services.


A Century of Skill

Based in Aurora, Illinois, Olsson Roofing is one of the leading roofing contractors in the U.S. Although it has been in operation for over one hundred years, the last few have seen incredible growth due to its new foray into furthering to develop its sheet metal division. It is also one of the safest companies for which to work and has an employee retention rate that is the envy of the industry.

Olsson Roofing

Over Eighty Years of Comfort

For over eighty years, Reiner Group Inc. has been installing and maintaining commercial and residential heating and air conditioning systems to keep customers comfortable. The comprehensive heating and air conditioning contractor also performs related engineering, electrical and plumbing work to support its HVAC projects. We spoke with Vice President Tony Gasparovich to learn more.

Reiner Group

25 Years of Success

HAKS is celebrating a quarter century in business and has come a very long way since it was founded by Indian immigrant Husam Ahmad. Ahmad arrived in Queens, New York with a background in civil engineering and a dream of creating his own company…


Defending your Business in the Digital Age

The problems associated with running a small business are many and varied: are your customers going to pay your invoices in time? Do you have enough work to hire that extra person? Is your supply chain robust enough to deal with sudden changes in demand? Up until recently, there wasn’t much chance that cyber security was on the list of typical worries for a small business owner, but that’s changing…

SMEs are Juicy Targets for Cyber Criminals

January 24, 2019, 8:30 AM EST