Something for Everyone

Ottawa County, Ohio has something for everyone. “Our community varies greatly,” says Jamie N. Beier Grant, Director of the Ottawa County Improvement Corporation [OCIC]. “The western end of our community is very close to the city of Toledo metropolitan area. And as you come east there is a lot of agriculture. The further east you move, you get into the lakefront, tourism economy.”

Ottawa County, OH

Rural Charm and Economic Opportunity

Coshocton, Ohio delivers rural charm and a laid-back lifestyle as well as great business opportunities. “Coshocton offers a quality of life that is second to none with the charm and appeal of a quaint, but surprisingly robust, little community,” says Dorothy Skowrunski, Executive Director of Coshocton Port Authority.

Coshocton Port Authority Economic Development

Big Business Opportunity, Small Town Approach

Ashland County, Ohio is one of the leading Micropolitans in the U.S. The city is rich in infrastructure, accessibility and, most importantly, opportunity. Home to an extensive portfolio of industries, economic opportunity in Ashland has grown massively in the last three years.

Ashland Area Council for Economic Development

Rich in Assets and Strategically Positioned

Madison County, Ohio, is strategically located and rich in assets making it an ideal place for investment. The county enjoys a robust transportation network with access to rail, airports, highways and markets across America. Additionally, Madison County enjoys a strong regional workforce from which it can draw, and this asset has experienced significant investment to support the region’s economic viability.

Madison County, Ohio

Building Skills for the Future

Since its population of just over sixty thousand people is spread over four hundred square miles in Northern Ohio, Sandusky County faces a challenge when attempting to create viable and sustainable opportunities for its workforce. Kay Reiter, executive director of the Sandusky County Economic Development Corporation, explains how the region makes the most of its assets when planning for the years ahead.

Sandusky County, OH

Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

To position itself for economic growth and success in an increasingly global market economy, Logan County is maximizing its local potential and building on its history of economic success. By focusing on the development of local talent, investing in infrastructure and technology, and fostering a pro-business environment, Logan County is primed for innovation, economic growth, and prosperity.

Logan County Economic Development

Grains of Growth

In the 1800s, when Fulton County’s early pioneers cultivated a lifestyle from fertile soil and open land, they built the foundation of a profound culture that would last a lifetime…

Fulton County, OH

Enjoying Success in the Chicago Metro Area

Located just a short train ride from downtown Chicago, The Village of Arlington Heights enjoys both small-town charm and big city amenities. The community boasts easy access to three interstates, as well as two Metra commuter rail stops, making it a snap to commute in or out…

Village of Arlington Heights

The Springfield Advantage

The state capital of Illinois, Springfield, is ranked as one of the most affordable cities in the United States. The City of Springfield and Sangamon County government works together with business and labor through the Quantum Growth Partnership (Q5) to foster economic growth. With a diverse array of assets and through the strength of partnership, Springfield and Sangamon County are positioned for growth.

Springfield and Sangamon County, IL

A Crossroads of Opportunity

Known as the “crossroads of opportunity” for its impressive transportation routes, Effingham has cultivated growth at the junction of business and community. This micropolitan has made a splash by building a progressive, pro-business infrastructure and improving residents’ quality of life – both inside and outside the office.

Effingham County, IL

January 24, 2019, 8:28 AM EST