Opportunity Awaits

Laurens County is an area with an abundance of opportunity for businesses seeking expansion or relocation. As a “gateway to the upstate” of South Carolina, Laurens has seen substantial industrial growth in recent years, a testament to the area’s developing infrastructure and growing significance in the wider national market.

Laurens County

Economic Development and Collaborative Success

Craven County is located in rural North Carolina, along the East Coast of the United States, with the beach only thirty minutes away depending on where in the county you are. With a vibrant culture and a diverse economy for a county of its size, Craven County has a lot to offer those who choose to live, work, and visit its natural beauty and coastal escapes.

Craven CountyCraven County

Embracing a New Frontier in the Mile 0 City

Maintaining a healthy mind and body is the greatest gift we give ourselves. It’s a constant conscious decision toward realizing our full potential guided by principles of commitment, self awareness and realizations of preconceived visions of what can be…

City of Dawson Creek, B.C.

Connecticut Boom Town

Stamford Connecticut is in the midst of a major $6 billion building boom. Driven by business opportunity, a high quality of life, and relatively low real estate prices, new developments are popping up throughout the city – and people are pouring in to fill almost every available space.

City of Stamford, Connecticut

Building up Women for Success

The struggle for equitable employment standards has existed for many years, a long fought battle for minority groups the world over. Though great strides have been made in this regard, with minorities and women increasing their representation in the labour force, in many cases, in many places, and in many industries, much effort remains to be seen in order for equality to be achieved.

Women in Construction

January 24, 2019, 8:26 AM EST