Higher Education and a Healthy Economy

How does a city come to be? Logic dictates that a city should be formed where there are resources or perhaps a body of water. Another way, long romanticized, is that of the community that springs up along a railroad track. Conway, Arkansas is just such a place.

City of Conway, Arkansas

Ripe for Development

After being transferred 17 times during his career at Kimberly Clark, Dave Bernd chose to settle in Covington, Georgia. “After being repatriated from Canada, my wife and I could be relocated anywhere in the United States that we wanted,” he recalls. “And we just fell in love with Covington and Newton County. It is Mayberry; it is what America is to me after working in many countries all over the world.”

Newton Covington Economic Development

Geared for Growth

Goodyear, Arizona is geared for growth. The population of the Phoenix suburb has skyrocketed from 6,300 in 1990 to over 74,000 today, making it the sixth fastest growing city in the United States.

City of Goodyear

Perfectly Seasoned

The City of Wausau, Wisconsin is the perfect combination of community, industry, recreation and environment. The primary metropolitan area north of Madison, Wisconsin, Wausau has become a hub for young millennials. In recent years, many young families, businesses and professionals alike have made the move to Wausau seeking the promise of employment and a quality lifestyle.

The City of Wausau

Open for Business – and for People

Located In the heart of Central Texas, Cedar Park has become one of the fastest growing suburbs not only in Greater Austin, but in the entire nation. Straddling the scenic Texas Hill Country and the rolling Texas Blackland Prairie, Cedar Park continues to appeal to people due to its natural scenery, low cost of living, employment opportunities, and excellent schools.

City of Cedar Park, Texas

Decades of Quality and Service

In life as in business, there is something to be said for working smarter, not just harder…

Canadian Bearings

An Essential Construction Equipment Supplier

Supply chain management in the construction industry is often overshadowed by more visible elements, but it is an essential service to facilitate successful operations and projects in the sector. Four Seasons Equipment Inc. (FSEI) is a company that makes sure its clients have all the necessary equipment for construction projects.

Four Seasons Equipment

Impactful Purchasing

Consumerism in North America has evolved from an ideology to a lifestyle – one in which the gross level of consumption and production has become one of the key measures of our success.

The Shift Toward Sustainable Shopping

Custom Made Modular Homes

Signature Building Systems is a leading manufacturer of custom designed, pre-site built homes. The Pennsylvania based business has completed over 4,500 projects throughout the eastern seaboard – everything from ranches and capes to two-story homes and special, custom designed floor plans, as well as estate homes, multi-family residences, hotels, and even entire apartment complexes.

Signature Building Systems

A Modern, Modular Solution

C&B Custom Modular handles a wide variety of modular construction needs. The Indiana based company can build everything from classrooms and dormitories to healthcare facilities, oilfield camps, restrooms and offices.

C&B Custom Modular

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The Robotic Workforce

For generations, television and Hollywood have taught us to believe that robots are usually one of two extremes: cute and harmless, or potentially destructive and deadly. From the flailing-armed robot in the 1960s TV series Lost in Space metallically yelling, “Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!” to the unstoppable cyborg assassin in 1984’s The Terminator and its many sequels, to the film adaptation of Science Fiction writer Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot in 2004, robots are charming and clunky, downright menacing, or in the case of the creations in I, Robot, benign – that is, until they defy The Three Laws of Robotics, namely to follow specific orders and never allow humans to be harmed.