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Ziehm Imaging

Ziehm Imaging specializes in innovative solutions for intraoperative imaging. Since 1972, the company has established itself as the premier developer of C-arm technology in the world. Ziehm C-arm technology renders the best images possible, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of medical procedures.
A C-arm is an imaging device, manufactured in the shape of a C so that the patient easily fits inside of the arches in order to capture the necessary image and related information quickly and easily.

A C-arm is different from most imaging devices that are used for diagnosis such as ultrasounds, traditional x-rays and MRIs. The C-arm produces real-time images for intraoperative (during surgery) applications, allowing physicians to see into a patient’s anatomy, making procedures less invasive and more effective. Stent replacement is a good example of a procedure which benefits from C-arm imaging technology as the technology provides the physician a clear view of the location in which the stent needs to be placed.

Founded in Germany, Ziehm Imaging has had an eventful history, one of positive growth and development. Starting as an independent company, Ziehm released its first mobile C-arm in 1983. After many years, the company was acquired by its current shareholders, German-based Aton. Ziehm Imaging has maintained growth and continued to innovate, developing new technologies despite the company’s changes in controllership, a testament to its organizational capacity, leadership and strength.

As the owner of the industry’s largest portfolio of C-arms, Ziehm Imaging has been at the forefront of mobile x-ray and real-time intraoperative imaging technology developments – specifically C-arm technology – to improve the clinical experience through engineered excellence and precision.

Unlike other companies which have one or two models of C-arm imaging devices, Ziehm Imaging’s line of C-arm products comes in a variety of models ensuring complete solutions for every use. Models serve a number of clinical and intraoperative applications including: entry level models, compact models, high end sophisticated models and those tailored to meet hybrid operating room requirements.

By revolutionizing its product, Ziehm Imaging has subsequently driven the market. Ziehm’s C-arm technology presents alternatives to the bulkier cath-labs often present in hospitals which require a large amount of space and operation by specialized technicians. By requiring less space, facilitating easy-to-use technology and producing quality results, the C-arm has improved efficiency in the health care system. It also decreases health care associated costs by allowing for increased flexibility and operability, as more procedures can be done in out-patient facilities.

Ziehm Imaging is a global company that is virtually present in every country in the world. It has direct operations in Europe, United States, Brazil, China and Singapore – as well as exclusive distributorships established in smaller economies – creating a business strategy for success.

Ziehm Imaging is ranked number one in Europe, enjoying sixty-five percent of Europe’s market share. The company has been present in the United States since the 1980s, immune to the controllership transactions, though its presence has been timid – until recently.

In the last five to six years, the company has decided to dedicate efforts to replicate its European success in the United States. It has been making its technology available and ensuring it is at the forefront of the American market and innovation.

For logistical reasons, Ziehm Imaging has moved its headquarters for the Americas from California to Orlando, Florida – an essential move for the company. Given the nine hour time difference between California and Germany where the company’s headquarters are located, it was advantageous for the company to make the move from the west coast. Orlando, Florida was the best possible option for relocation as it serves as a logistical hub and has an availability of resources, including a skilled, technical workforce. Ziehm Imaging boasts 400 global employees, with many of them located in Orlando, as well as various field sales personnel that operate outside of its various headquarters.

Ziehm Imaging is happy to call Orlando home and has chosen to be a key player in the community. By supporting local institutions, universities and hospitals, it intends to be an active player, committed to both local and regional wellbeing.

The company is unique in many ways, including its recent technological developments. It has made every axle of the C-arms motorized, allowing technicians and physicians to easily employ joysticks to control the movements of which the new technology is capable. This increases accuracy, efficiency and the precision of medical procedures.

Another advanced technology developed and employed by Ziehm Imaging to improve the functionality of its C-arms is the flat panel, a key component of production that is sourced in the United States. It is the first company to apply this relatively new technology and has created a digital detector – similar to that in digital cameras – to capture a clear and precise image.

It requires over a thousand parts to produce one mobile C-arm leaving Ziehm Imaging highly reliant on good relations with its many suppliers. The company, understanding the commitment and cooperation necessary to obtain quality products from reliable sources, has dedicated a number of employees to oversee and maintain its worldwide supply chain.

Given the highly specialized nature of the parts required for the production of C-arms, significant integration of engineering and logistical efforts are required to ensure that parts are tested and calibrated by suppliers prior to manufacturing, improving the efficiency of operations not only in the supply chain but also in production and distribution.

Ziehm Imaging is defining the future for itself and for the market. By maintaining and encouraging continued innovation for over forty years, Ziehm has established itself as the largest global company which specializes in C-arms.

Not only has Ziehm Imaging improved many aspects of the clinical experience, creating technologies that enable physicians to see more and to see better, it has also improved safety and occupational health for both patients and health workers alike.

Such improved procedures can allow for less invasive methods; less time is required to perform a scan, while better image quality and more clinically relevant imaging support better treatment for the patient. In comparison with older x-ray technologies, the flat panel requires less radiation to produce quality images and improve the physician’s field of view.

The reduction of radiation not only benefits the patient but also the physicians and technicians who employ this technology on a daily basis and who are prone to long term radiation exposure as a result. Ziehm Imaging is one of the many businesses and organizations which are working to reduce radiation related occupational hazards.

The company is committed heavily to reinvesting profits into research and development to continue to improve its products, as well as the medical fields it serves. By dedicating fifteen percent of its revenue each year into technological development and innovation, Ziehm has maintained its position at the forefront of C-arm technology.

Nelson Mendes, president and CEO of Ziehm Imaging says that this reinvestment is essential to its growth. In fact, as a direct result of its vision for the future, “for the past four years there have been numerous areas in which Ziehm has been the first to introduce innovations.” Eighty percent of its products are less than three years old.

The company continues to grow, with hopes of experiencing the same successes in the United States as it has had in Europe. Ziehm Imaging understands that the technology on the market may change but the need remains the same.

March 20, 2018, 9:54 AM EDT

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