Celebrating Ten Years of Luxury Packaging Perfection

Fusion Packaging

Co-founded by Derek Harvey and Jonathan Gross, fraternity brothers from the University of Arizona with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and passion for success, Fusion Packaging evolved from the partners’ desire to break out of general packaging and transition into the prestige skincare market. “To be a change agent in an industry, you have to specialize and become an expert on your product,” says Harvey. They saw potential in this area, particularly in airless packaging, believing it had the best opportunity for new packaging technology and growth.

Fusion’s early years were spent proving its ability to deliver quality output as it established itself and its products. Today, the company has shed its underdog status to become a key innovator in driving change for the industry. Harvey notes, “Our focus has always been on the consumer, and how our packaging enhances the experience they have with the product. We’re constantly improving and refining package design to add value to our customers’ products.”

Derek and Jonathan entered into the market with a clear vision of bringing airless packaging to the masses. Although this technology goes back to the 1980s, used primarily for toothpaste containers, Harvey and Gross saw a natural application for airless in the ever-growing cosmetics market. This type of packaging uses a non-pressurized system that allows a variety of products to be dispensed using a mechanical pump in an airtight container. Not only does this innovation allow for consistent dosing, it protects the product inside from oxidation, preserving the integrity of the formula.

From inception, the company made a wise decision to invest in a region of China known for its expertise in manufacturing dispensing systems. Innovative design coupled with low cost-high quality manufacturing gave Fusion an edge on the competition.

Now celebrating its ten year anniversary, Fusion Packaging values this milestone but acknowledges that it is just the beginning, having only scratched the surface of its potential. Over the past decade, the company has seen double-digit growth, due in large part to its ability to form successful partnerships with leading beauty brands, such as Estée Lauder, Elizabeth Arden, Avon, Mary Kay and Murad.

Fusion Packaging’s R&D budget is largely focused on finding new ways to provide superior product preservation and evacuation. “The latest consumer research shows that the most important aspect of cosmetic packaging is being able to get out all of the product. Airless packaging, when filled properly, can dispense up to 97 percent of the product compared to traditional dip-tube bottles or tubes,” says Harvey.

Thousands of components go into the luxury packages that Fusion Packaging creates and manufactures, and the company requires strong processes to ensure its goal of perfection is achieved. By focusing on a specialized niche in the market and operating as a fully integrated company, Fusion Packaging has become expert in its industry.

There came a point when Derek and Jonathan realized they could no longer do everything themselves and knew they needed to develop a strong management team, as well as expand the company’s design and engineering capabilities. Currently, Fusion Packaging employs sixty people outside of its manufacturing operations in China.

Perfection is not simply an outcome for Fusion Packaging; it is a practice. The standard is expected at every level of operations, from sales to engineering, to the in-house design studio and manufacturing divisions. The company stays nimble by hiring the very best talent with strong aptitudes and experience, as well as a shared passion for the company’s values and quality standards.

Over the past ten years, Fusion Packaging has been working to define the company’s values and direction. These values have been strongly established across its operations, from its headquarters in Dallas and offices in New York and Los Angeles, to its manufacturing operations in China. These core values include:
• Quality and excellence: Fusion Packaging is dedicated to continuing efforts to improve and refine product design, production, processes, people and service.
• Integrity and respect: Through consistency and honesty Fusion Packaging is committed to conducting socially ethical and trustworthy business.
• Speed and agility: Understanding the sense of urgency required by clients, Fusion Packaging remains proactive to ensure quick response times and efficient outputs.
• Accountability: Fusion Packaging ensures individual responsibility, meeting all commitments and delivering the highest quality.

In upholding these values, the company has earned acclaim as a multiple award winning entity, capable of delivering results. By innovatively improving and expanding its product lines, Fusion maximizes the benefits it brings to its clients, as well as the customers who use the products.

Though it does not sell directly to the end customer, Fusion Packaging maintains its focus on the customer experience. The company believes that the closer it is to market trends – staying ahead of the latest technology and, ultimately, the consumer’s needs – the more effective its products can be. For Fusion Packaging, the client’s success is its success.

Approximately forty percent of consumers will make purchases based on how the product appears on the shelf. Fusion Packaging gives its clients the advantage by ensuring that those designs and brands pop and products are fully functional, making sure the customer not only buys the product, but continues to buy it in the future: the ultimate value for its clients.

Proud of what it has accomplished in the past ten years, the company looks forward to the future. It is expected to continue to grow in a scalable manner, manage and sustain that growth and help to grow the market in return, becoming one of the largest global suppliers of skin care specific luxury packaging. Just like the skin care and beauty industries it serves, Fusion Packaging will continue to strive for ageless perfection.

August 21, 2017, 7:54 AM EDT

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