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Newton Mechanical/Electrical

BaBased in Winnipeg, NME provides services such as design‐build, building, civil infrastructure, and heavy industrial construction. Founder Shaun Newton brought together a family of independent construction companies, construction managers, and engineering professionals to meet the construction needs of diverse clients. Under the leadership of Newton, NME has become a company that is highly regarded and respected amongst its clientele and customers in the industry. After acquiring an electrical division in 2011, the company has tripled its sales each year to date.

NME has a team of professionals from a variety of backgrounds including project managers, civil and structural engineers, and in-house mechanical and electrical tradespeople. NME’s team members have years of experience from working in companies around northern Manitoba, northwest Ontario, and northern Saskatchewan.

Owner and General Manager Troy Smith spoke about the company, its projects over the years, and why clients should select this team when embarking on engineering projects.

“It all starts by listening to our clients,” says Mr. Smith. He believes Newton Mechanical’s success can be largely attributed to its processes and procedures.

Responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the business and leading the project team and handling marketing and sales, Mr. Smith joined the company in 2011, and has since increased the number of employees from 10 to about 100.

NME boasts a rich breadth of services to accommodate the needs of its clients. The Engineering division maintains associations with consulting firms and engineering companies such as AE Associates, Genivar, Bear Paw, Smith Carter, Nova 3, Boge-Boge, and J. R. Cousins. The company also has a maintenance planning division which customizes maintenance plans to suit the needs of customers, ensuring reliability and longevity.

The company also has an extensive emergency response division that can work with water / waste water treatment facilities in First Nation communities, towns, and cities north of the 53rd parallel in Northern Manitoba. In this sector, NME has made significant inroads over the past two years. One of the company’s major projects of note was its design and build of a fully modular, automated water treatment plant to service remote communities in northern Manitoba. NME’s focus and commitment to offer economical water treatment facilities to any and all countries in need of clean drinking water has proven to be an important mission for the company.

Smart planning and procedures help keep things at NME running smoothly. In the pre-construction phase, NME puts together a specialized a team to ensure that the needs of clients are quickly met with cost-effective solutions. A team of project managers and professional engineers collaborate to visualize and map out the projects. During the construction phase, NME is involved with pre-planning and production. The team creates an approved design; material and equipment are procured; and pre-construction work is started before an installation. This is essential to make sure projects are executed in a timely fashion.

The commissioning phase involves start-up procedures to ensure facility systems will perform per the design and the expectations of NME’s clients. The company also has documentation of design criteria, systems capacities, redundancies and reliability features of the systems tested.

This attention to quality and detail has not gone unnoticed. The company obtained a Certificate of Recognition for safety excellence and is ISO 9001 registered.

In terms of building its client base, Newton Mechanical has made extensive use of the Web for marketing, but also relies on word-of-mouth from satisfied clients. “Our clientele is our best resource because we believe that every project completed is one more they are pleased with,” shares Mr. Smith. “We have been a repeat contractor for many of our clients; that should say it all regarding our professional approach and performance on the job.”

This professional approach has helped the company grow rapidly and Newton Mechanical has been involved in a number of high-profile projects since starting a decade ago. Currently, the company conducts around 95 percent of its sales in the commercial and industrial sectors in remote locations throughout Manitoba, particularly in First Nations communities in the northern part of the province.

Notably, NME has been heavily involved in a number of projects with Manitoba Hydro, an energy company that serves the province. In 2012, NME was responsible for the design and build of a water treatment plant for the Bipole III Converter Station. This $4.5 million dollar project involved the design, engineering of water storage facilities, and a potable water treatment plant for a 600-man start-up construction camp near Gillam, Manitoba. The design-build project included an automated domestic water filtration system controlled by a monitoring PLC program. Domestic and fire water storage at the site consists of four equally sized above-ground steel welded and insulated tanks, with each system distributing water to the 600 man camp through separate distribution pipes.

Manufacture, construction, testing, and commissioning of a potable water treatment plant at the start up camp for the Bipole III Converter Station Project. The second phase of this project includes the onsite installation of the above-water treatment facilities.

In the rural community of Norway House, Manitoba, Newton Mechanical developed a wastewater aeration plant with engineering firm J.R. Cousins. This project consisted of supplying and installing process mechanical systems and chemical treatment systems for the community. Newton Mechanical was involved with the construction phase of the project.

The team has also been extensively involved in projects for the Keeyask Generating Station in Northern Manitoba. When complete, the Keeyask Generating Station will provide approximately 695 megawatts of capacity and produce an average of 4,400 gigawatt hours of electricity each year. The renewable hydroelectric energy produced will be integrated into Manitoba Hydro’s electric system for use in Manitoba and for export. Once complete, Keeyask will be Manitoba’s fourth largest generating station and the fifth in the Split Lake Resource Management Area.

In 2012, Newton Mechanical designed and built a water treatment plant for Keeyask. Newton Mechanical was involved with the supply of all the design and engineering of water storage facilities and a potable water treatment plant for a 200-man start-up construction camp. The design-build system consists of an automated domestic water filtration system and houses a fire water storage pre-engineered building facility with a storage capacity of two hours. These systems distribute water to the camp through a common distribution pipe.

In May of 2012, Newton Mechanical and the Cree Nation Partners (CNP) formed a joint venture to pursue a number of direct negotiated initiatives for the Keeyask Infrastructure Project. The primary focus of the Keeyask Maintenance Services Joint Venture (KMSJV) is to increase the capacity of the CNP communities in the area of the site, construction management skills, apprenticeship and qualification in skilled trades, and increase overall employment opportunities for people in the area. NME is committed to training and working with these local communities to form long-term structured partnerships to increase the skills of the locals and provide knowledge in different aspects of construction to maintain and strengthen local infrastructure. Some of these initiatives include providing training to locals to become tradesmen, developing procedures to maintain and strengthen the infrastructure of the community, developing preventive maintenance programs, and developing training programs.

In the First Nation of Shamattawa, Manitoba, Newton Mechanical was responsible for the supply and installation of the mechanical and electrical components at a new school that is under construction in the community. When complete, the school will have 34 classrooms in a two-storey building and will use a solar heating system.

Under the strong leadership and experience of its management, Newton Mechanical strives to stay focused on the keys to its success – building solid relationships with its suppliers and maintaining a strong commitment to local communities. As a result, the company continues to be one of fastest growing companies in Manitoba.

“NME is a full mechanical, electrical, and controls contractor that offers design-build capacity, and we provide qualified tradesman with the utmost training in all aspects of the trades,” says Mr. Smith. “We feel our standards are second to none, and are committed to serving our clients.”

April 20, 2021, 9:30 PM EDT