Always Ready for Opportunity


For a company to propel itself to the upper range of this field, it must be able to offer more to a client – and Matric Electronics does.

That ‘something extra’ might be the capability to offer a much higher standard of product; it may be cutting edge equipment; it may be a multi-disciplinary approach; it could even be excellent after sales services for refurbishments and servicing. Luckily for Matric Electronics, the company can offer its clients all of the above and more. The company has been in business for over forty years and has seen steady and strategic growth which now sees Matric emerging as a market leader in its field.

In 1971, Matric Electronics was founded by two engineers in Franklin, Pennsylvania. The company experienced reasonable levels of growth but it was only in 1993, when current owner, Rick Turner got involved, that the company really began to flourish. Rick explains how the business evolved over time. “My training is in industrial engineering and I was involved in a family business,” he explains. “We sold the family business and I was looking for something else. I became aware of Matric. The founders had decided they wanted to sell the company.”

In the beginning, there were roughly sixty-five employees operating in a space of about 10,000 square feet. Currently, the Matric Group comprises three companies, with 80,000 square feet and approximately 240 associates working at the main facility.

“Our strategy was slow, continuous, profitable growth. I am fortunate enough to have a great team of people that work with me. We took advantage of opportunities to develop and have grown the company on these opportunities that presented themselves,” says Rick.

These growth opportunities would not necessarily have been available were it not for the high level of products and services that Matric provides. Its clients can expect to enjoy a wide range of services all tailored to meet individual needs.

“We provide contract manufacturing services to clients that may not want to make the investment to build the products,” Rick shares. “There may be a number of reasons for that. Many of the products that we are building are critical subsystems of a much larger system. For example, we have people that are in the medical products industry and they do not necessarily want to be in the manufacturing business. Also, often times, with a product’s life cycle, a key mechanism is after market services support. They may have products that need upgrades, recalibration, reprogramming or maybe new features put on, so they utilize our services to do that as well.”

The company has high standards in the field of engineering and this ability to plan and design, as well as manufacture, sets it apart from its rivals. “One of the great advantages we have in working with our clients is, at many times, to manufacture their product, they need engineering services to manage and maintain the product,” explains Rick. “There are design issues, manufacturability issues, failure analysis issues and we have found that one of the reasons that we continue to thrive, for a company of our size, we have significant engineering services to help support our clients. Many times our customers do not have the infrastructure or some of the capabilities that we might have, so our engineering benefits our manufacturing capabilities.”

Another area in which Matric has been shown to steal a march on its competitors is in turnkey services. Generally, turnkey products are sold to the client as a completed product in an ‘off the shelf’ model – products that are designed by the manufacturer which provide a generic and reliable product that is ready for installation and use. However, the distinguishing feature of the model employed by Matric is that its own brand of turnkey products are much more bespoke than the name implies.

Rick explains that, “Turnkey means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Sometimes a turnkey service is providing sub-assemblies or sub-components that go into a larger system. With some of our clients, we take their product concept and help them with the design and manufacturability. Then we manufacture the product and ship it to their clients. It allows them to almost operate virtually. Even though we are invisible to their client, their client places an order and it is kind of like Amazon; we ship the product and they may never know that it came from Matric. We do the manufacturing, the packaging and the shipping. That helps our clients as we take care of all of that for them.”

It is to be commended that, running parallel to the high levels of products and services that Matric provides, the company also maintains an extremely high standard of safety on site. Matric has an active safety committee which conducts monthly audits and meets every month, and each new associate completes comprehensive safety training and MSDS training. The team strives to ensure the safety of its greatest resource, its associates, in its commitment to continuous quality improvement.

For example, Dynamic Manufacturing, another Matric Group company which the Group purchased in 2006, was recently rewarded for the impeccable record that it maintains. “With Dynamic, we did receive the Pennsylvania Governor’s Award for Safety. We are going right now into our fifth year in that facility without a work related claim so we received the award for our safety programs.”

When looking to the future, it is worth noting that Matric has, until this point, navigated a challenging business environment in a calculated and strategic way, never overreaching beyond the company’s limits and taking every viable opportunity that has come its way. It should be no surprise then that this model of growth forms the backbone of all Matric’s future plans.

“We have a very successful business model that has allowed us to grow through the years,” shares Rick. “We have a very strong balance sheet. From my perspective, I would like to continue to do what we do – look for opportunities as they present themselves, continue to diversify our customer base and continue to grow the company.”

The company continues to offer the high standards it has set in engineering, manufacturing and client relations. From past experience, the company is aware that, as a result, further opportunities will present themselves and Matric will be fully prepared and ready to take these opportunities and realize them to the fullest extent.

March 20, 2018, 9:42 AM EDT

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