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Haley-Greer, Inc. was launched in 1979 by Don Haley and Jim Greer. The two already had extensive experience in the curtain wall glass and glazing sector, allowing them to “hit the ground running and secure large projects from day one,” President Letitia Haley Barker recalls.

The Dallas, Texas based company used its strong start to secure bigger and bigger projects as time progressed, quickly becoming an industry leader within its region.

Haley-Greer installs curtain wall and window wall systems for major commercial projects, as well as for unique and especially challenging smaller projects. One of the company’s most notable jobs was for the George W. Bush Presidential Library in Dallas, Texas. This LEED Platinum, 226,565 square foot project utilized diverse custom products, including ash wood curtain walls inside the permanent exhibit, steel windows and doors, bronze doors, blast resistant and ballistic glass, aluminum doors and curtain walls. Furthermore, special coordination was required to waterproof the windows and curtain walls behind the stone and brick.

The team enjoys a challenge, and they were thrilled to be part of the nationally recognized project – particularly when the former Commander in Chief dropped by to see how the work was progressing. “Our field crew was fortunate enough to meet President Bush and First Lady Bush during a surprise visit to the jobsite,” Ms. Barker shares.

Haley-Greer was also involved in the construction of the Dallas Cowboys Stadium – the first all glass stadium on the planet. Not surprisingly, the project was exceedingly complex. “It has one of the largest inverted-slope glazed curtain walls in the world and the end-zone doors were the largest operable glass doors ever produced,” explains Ms. Barker. The massive wall required more than 200,000 square feet of glass and involved a silk-screened pattern starting with 80 percent coverage at the base and graduating up to 20 percent at the top of the wall. “It was a challenge due to the combined slope and radius since we had to build frames slightly out of square. It is definitely one of the most high profile projects we have ever done.”

Haley-Greer is also responsible for the iconic red glass covering the Winspear Opera House (also known as the AT&T Performing Arts Center), located in the heart of Dallas’ Arts District. “[It was] one of our most challenging projects we have ever completed,” Ms. Barker says. The team had to assemble customized 9 ft. x 4 ft. pieces of laminated glass – each weighing more than 300 pounds – into an elaborate, monochromatic jigsaw puzzle. “The confined spaces were a huge challenge with multiple trades sharing the same workspace. Quality control was crucial to the success of the project to ensure color-matching and prevent impurities in the pieces of bent glass, which were like individual works of art.” The Dallas chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) named Haley-Greer 2009 Artisan / Craftsman of the Year for its work on the opera house. The fabrication of the eye-catching red glass was also showcased on KERA’s (Public Media for North Texas) Art and Seek.

The accolades don’t stop there; Haley-Greer has been recognized with a slew of awards. In March of this year, the American Subcontractors Association awarded Haley-Greer the 2013 Excellence in Ethics Award for achieving the highest standard of internal and external integrity for a subcontracting firm. The company has been listed among the nation’s Top 50 Glazing Contractors by US Glass Magazine every year for over a decade. In 2009, the company was an SMU Cox Dallas 100 Award Winner. Haley-Greer was also an Associated Builders & Contractors Excellence in Construction Awards National Winner for three projects: Winspear Opera House in Dallas, BP Rodeo in Houston, and Mosaic in Dallas.

Haley-Greer has also been widely recognized for its female leadership. The company has been listed among the Dallas Business Journal’s Largest North Texas Women-Owned Businesses for several years and, in 2008 and 2009, the Dallas Business Journal named Ms. Barker one of the Top 25 Women Business Owners. Ms. Barker is also Vice President on the American Subcontractors Association’s National Board of Directors and will be the National President in 2015. She has also served on the local ASA North Texas Chapter for the past nine years. In addition, Marketing Executive Chandra Stroope is currently the National Business Development Chair for the Associated Builders & Contractors, and has served on that committee for the past 5 years. She has also served on the local North Texas ABC Board of Directors.

Many factors have contributed to the company’s 35 years of success and subsequent recognition. For starters, the team has been able to bring a delicate balance of both artistry and quality to their projects. “We help architects achieve their vision and artistry desired, while still making sure the curtain wall system and glass meet all the standards and wind loads and are still weather tight,” Ms. Barker explains. These skills cannot be learned overnight and the company relies on its depth of industry experience to tackle tough projects. “Glass, glazing and curtain wall requires a lot of knowledge and experience,” Ms. Barker points out. “We are so fortunate to still have Don Haley to mentor and teach our employees about his 60 plus years’ experience in the industry.”

The company relies on a small group of specialty suppliers and subcontractors to manufacture its state of the art systems. “Our relationships with these suppliers are one of the keys to our success,” says Ms. Barker, and working closely with architects and owners has also been important. “A good example is the Frost Bank Building in downtown Austin, TX. The unique crown at the top of the building took many months of planning and collaborating to achieve the vision of the owner and architect.” Effective communication is crucial, both with these outside partners and within the company.

Fortunately, maintaining this communication has become much easier in recent years. “Don Haley feels the greatest advancement we have seen over the past 10 plus years is the communication of information and technology,” Ms. Barker reports. “Before, communication was tedious and burdensome; now everyone, including the field [team], has instant access to crucial information and updated plans and specs.”

Keeping the business in the right location has also been important. “One of our key strategies for success is focusing our business mainly here in the Lone Star State,” Ms. Barker says. “We understand this market and feel that this is where we will be most successful.” Being a certified woman-owned business also packs a punch in that region, she adds. “That puts us in a unique position in the Texas market.”

Throughout Haley-Greer’s three and a half decades of success, the company has stayed true to its roots and is still family owned and operated; in fact, Ms. Barker is Don Haley’s daughter. “I was actually his first employee!” she remembers fondly. “Being a family-owned company definitely affects our company values and culture,” she adds. “We don’t operate like a big corporation. Every employee who works here is involved in our company’s success. My father, Don Haley, and myself both believe strongly in treating our clients and suppliers and subcontractors with respect, honesty and integrity.”

As a locally owned business, Haley-Greer also makes community involvement a priority. The company has donated more than $150,000 in materials and labor to the Make-A-Wish Foundation office in Las Colinas, Texas, more than $100,000 to the Mission of Hope battered women’s shelter in Dallas, Texas, and contributes $60,000 annually to the Union Gospel Mission, also in Dallas. The team participates in a number of annual trade association charity events as well.

With a strong foothold already established in the local and regional community, the company is eager to continue making its mark in Texas. The greatest future challenge, Ms. Barker says, will be finding the skilled laborers required to carry out the company’s complex work once the current crew retires. But the team is ready to meet upcoming challenges – after all, they have already been overcoming them for three and a half decades.

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