From Prototypes to Finished Products

G&H Diversified Manufacturing

Since its founding in 1958 as a two man tool and die shop, G&H Diversified Manufacturing has evolved to become a sophisticated, nearly 218,00 square foot fabrication facility that offers a diverse portfolio of manufacturing services.

With the recent addition of a new 27,000 square foot welding and sawing facility, G&H Diversified is able to handle all types of projects under one roof.

With approximately 250 employees, G&H Diversified Manufacturing has expanded to a number of locations, including two manufacturing facilities – one in Houston, Texas and another in Indianapolis, Indiana – along with distribution locations in six U.S. cities, namely Mineral Wells, TX; Midland, TX; Houston, TX; Dickenson, ND; Connellsville, PA; and Woodward, OK. Starting off providing hard tooled sheet metal stamped parts on flywheel punch presses, the company today has extensive fabrication capabilities which allow G&H to produce complex weldments, CNC punched components, sheet metal enclosures, and highly detailed and accurate laser cut components, along with many other sophisticated fabrications.

Unlike some smaller contract manufacturers, G&H’s diverse range of manufacturing capabilities – combined with decades of highly experienced CNC machining know-how – allows the company to tackle even the largest and most complex of projects. Truly a one-stop shop, all fabricating space is dual crane equipped, and can handle large weldments or tens of thousands of half-inch steel clips. Able to successfully work with .005-inch thick stainless foil or one-inch thick steel plate, there is very little G&H has not handled over the past 56 years in the metals fabrication industry.

“We are growing as a company,” says a G&H Diversified Manufacturing spokesperson. In recent years, the company has added a number of not only key pieces of equipment, but entire facilities to its manufacturing roster. The company reports to have “significantly increased the number of CNC mills, lathes and lasers by about 40 percent since 2011.” In addition to new equipment, the company has grown in a number of areas, including metal plating and finishing, Xylan coating (a type of fluoropolymer-based industrial coating), industrial sandblasting, heat treating and special quality control procedures for this process, and a new manufacturing building on the company’s main campus.

Successful Contract Manufacturing

Privately owned by the Kash family, G&H Diversified Manufacturing prides itself on being a U.S. based advanced contract manufacturer. With its revenue growing from $12 million to approximately $114 million in just the past four years, G&H Diversified provides engineered component and assembly solutions to a wide array of industries, including energy, technology, defense, transportation, and many others. At the company, “diversified” is more than just a buzzword; G&H truly provides all clients with a rich variety of services.

“We have diverse manufacturing capabilities,” shares Bobby McIntire, Executive Vice President of Operations for G&H. “G&H offers more manufacturing services than typically available via one contract manufacturer. As a result, this equals streamlined production, minimized additional outsourcing, and decreased overall lead time for G&H clients.” Additionally, G&H has the ability to apply best practices from across different industries to improve manufacturability.

Since acquiring G&H in 1983, company President Ed Kash has dedicated himself to working closely with employees and customers, and to growing the business. Taking a personal interest in the success of all customers, he says, is a key factor separating G&H Diversified from other shops. Building the breadth and depth of G&H’s professional manufacturing capabilities is also a key focus, which allows the company to meet even the most demanding customer requirements with minimal additional outsourcing.

With highly trained and experienced staff, the company is able to provide customers with a wide range of competencies. These include: precision machining (turning, milling, grinding, honing); laser processing (tubular and flat cutting, welding, and marking); metal fabrication (sheet and plate forming, CNC stamping, hard tool stamping, tool and die production, all welding processes, tube bending, circular and band sawing, and shearing); and plating and coatings such as zinc electroplate (clear, yellow and black chromate) and manganese phosphate, all on a state of the art plating line which is fully automatic and computer controlled.

To better serve its customers, G&H has added new manufacturing services. To streamline production, G&H Diversified has taken niche manufacturing services – like metal plating and finishing – and added capacity and infrastructure to process these services in-house. This significantly improved control and lead time and, many times, reduced costs for G&H clients

“Investment in new and more technology is very important to increase efficiency (with newer, faster, better machines), grow capacity and leverage growth,” states a company representative. “Contract manufacturing is a capital intensive business, and G&H reinvests approximately 95 percent of earnings back into the business to support this growth.” The company’s investments include a number of service offerings, such as the addition of the metal coating line, industrial painting and sandblasting booths, and more. “This helps to set G&H apart from other contract manufacturers that offer fewer services.”

The creation of an additional manufacturing facility has boosted the company’s capacity. “At G&H Diversified, we are identifying ways to increase manufacturing efficiency while maintaining the same high quality standards,” comments Mr. McIntire. “Improving manufacturability and efficiency to increase production volume with existing capacity has become even more important.”

A Quality Team

From the tiniest of brackets or seals to the largest platforms and frames, G&H Diversified Manufacturing produces thousands of parts each and every year for a wide range of industries. Growing from just 11 employees to about 250 since 1984, the company has earned a reputation for hiring the best, brightest and most skilled workers available to work its many CNC and other machines.

“In hiring new employees, we look for enthusiasm, energy, creativity and willingness to think outside the box,” shares a G&H representative. “G&H also has a highly diverse staff with employees from Vietnam, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Cuba, Belize, Ethiopia / Eritrea and Jamaica.”

Under the leadership of a highly educated and experienced management team, G&H treats all employees and customers with respect. Over the years, this has resulted in countless positive outcomes such as high staff retention rates, repeat business, and word of mouth referrals. At the company, customer satisfaction is not just an expression, but at the core of the G&H motto: ‘Always Building… Always Better.’

Using an outside researcher to ensure impartiality, the company has initiated a formal process of asking for customer feedback and identifying areas where the business could improve, including in processes and products. Many customers were pleasantly surprised, as they had never before been contacted by other companies about their satisfaction, and scored G&H high in overall satisfaction ratings.

Meeting Tomorrow’s Challenges Today

With a host of machine and manufacturing services, G&H is able to handle all projects from inception to delivery. Through ongoing investment in the right tools and the right people for the job, the company has the range of capabilities to handle projects in the oil and gas industries, and other sectors. With an ISO 9001:2008 certified quality management system in place, the company strives to do better for all customers and staff.

The team has been honored with a number of awards over the years, such as the Marmon Keystone Corporation awarded to G&H Diversified for Corporate Excellence in 2009, though a company spokesman jokes that, “We have been too busy growing to apply for industry awards. We are focusing on growth management and strategic expansion planning, and determining which manufacturing capabilities to add, capacities to increase or decrease, and industries to target.”

Working with a wide range of energy sector clients such as Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Weatherford, NOV, Halliburton, Trican, and Norriseal among several others, G&H is active with hundreds of large and multi-national companies from various industries – but primarily the energy industry. “As a custom contract manufacturer, what we produce varies depending on the needs of our clients, but we are trying to better cross-sell our portfolio of manufacturing services to existing clientele who may not be aware of other capacities offered that they perhaps are outsourcing to a separate third party,” explains a company spokesman. “By consolidating services among fewer vendors, we could support them in reducing lead time and cost. We also want to promote our ability to participate from the initial design phase. G&H engineers can provide value by applying best practices across industries, and we have the flexibility to produce prototypes and short runs which can greatly aid in saving cost as a product is developed and refined.”

For customers, there are many advantages that come from working with an advanced manufacturer such as G&H Diversified, including higher quality, better precision, a higher degree of repeatability, faster turn-around, and lower costs. “The diversity of manufacturing services offered by G&H is our most outstanding value for clients. G&H is about as close to a one-stop shop as you can typically find among contract manufacturers. Consolidating the manufacturing supply chain among fewer vendors allows G&H clients to reduce the added time and cost of transportation between multiple suppliers, and avoid delays due to high demand and long lead times among specialty service shops. There is better supply chain control and overall quality by partnering with fewer, well-selected and trusted manufacturing suppliers.”

As a producer of metal parts, G&H Diversified also has the advantage of engineering and design prototypes for a variety of industries and applications. “This breadth of experience allows our seasoned professionals to identify synergies across multiple industries, resolve manufacturing concerns prior to production, and make recommendations to improve manufacturability regarding design, material, process, assembly, finish, and packaging,” says a company spokesperson. “G&H is also able to support product development by offering the option to process short runs and prototype models. This allows clients to identify potential shortfalls and improve design and manufacturability prior to production by testing a prototype, or with short run batches. Prototyping dramatically improves production turnaround for new parts and reduces the probability of loss due to bad parts upon initial production.

“Informing clients and potential clients of the breadth of services, from prototyping to multiple manufacturing process offered by G&H is a main goal. Even existing clients may not realize all of our capabilities due to G&H’s rapid expansion. We are working to cross-sell to existing clients and to inform potential new clients of the advantages, in saving lead time and cost, by consolidating multiple services with one custom manufacturer.”

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