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“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.” -Peter F. Drucker

Good business requires good decision makers. Everyday decisions are being made at the executive level that can propel a business forward or see its demise. Yet good decisions can only be made with the right information; costly errors and failing to realize a sustainable competitive advantage can cost millions in lost revenue. ‘Staying the course’ with strategies that made a business successful in the first instance, is no longer a viable pragmatic option in a globally competitive environment.

Successful businesses know that the skills provided by supply chain management professionals will enable their goods and services to reach a potential marketplace in the most efficient, cost effective manner possible.

Seeking out the best in supply chain management providers is not a decision to be taken lightly. It requires research and a thorough analysis of proven track records of management professionals possessing analytical and quantitative skills that are crucial to a company’s growth and profitability.

Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions, headquartered in East Dubuque, Illinois, is a supply chain management, technology, and consulting company. Rockfarm offers its own brand of service through a performance-based culture and open book pricing model. With industry specific solutions, Rockfarm ensures the right assessment processes are matched to client needs.

“The sales cycle is long,” explains Todd Colin, CEO and co-founder at Rockfarm. “During this period a true understanding of business need is uncovered through site surveys and data analytics.”

Client solutions are also driven by Rockfarm’s three subsidiaries – PQF Global, the company’s Factory Management Service with a strong Asian focus; RT&T Logistics, a North American logistics provider; and Gabbro Global, a global logistics provider.

PQF Global oversees quality control monitoring through each phase of a client’s production cycle, ensuring the meeting of quality standards and on-schedule specifications. PQF’s inspection and reporting services are utilized during, randomly, and after 80 to 100 percent of a purchase order has been packaged.

RT&T Logistics was originally founded as a truckload brokerage company, but it has since evolved to provide a more comprehensive service offering. RT&T Logistics is now North America’s leading logistics provider, addressing the needs and challenges of the industry through its insightful and proactive approach. The team at RT&T Logistics continuously employs the latest in technology and possesses a keen knowledge of efficient business operations.

Working in conjunction with PQF Global and RT&T Logistics, Gabbro Global offers communication in 17 languages and offers services in air/ocean freight, customs brokerage, and logistics. Gabbro Global enables direct distribution and assistance for those companies entering new markets by providing the often necessary developmental support in local and regional strategies. Gabbro Global offers competitive rates and an unmatched level of service to ensure all deliveries are made on time with cost efficiency in mind. “Gabbro provides the International Execution arm in our suite of services,” confirms Todd.

A Triple H Philosophy

Todd continues to explain that Rockfarm adopts a Triple H philosophy (Humility, Hands On and High Performance), intrinsically interwoven into a culture that is both client and process driven. Being client focused enables Rockfarm to realize its clients’ goals. Concentrating on the process confirms that the company is always in a state of continuous improvement, efficient, and consistent.

“It’s a culture of Lean Six Sigma with emphasis on driving waste out of our own processes,” explains Todd. Lean Six Sigma is a managerial concept resulting in the elimination of wastes and downtime, resulting in improved performance. Such wastes can include waiting, overproduction, and non-utilized talent. “Having a deliverable at hand at all times is a level set that continually drives process improvement,” he says.

Of Rockfarm’s Hands On philosophy, Todd shares that in order to be solution driven, meticulous attention must be centred on details and that, “Coming from a background of execution, our solutions must evolve a practical solution that drives.”

In terms of High Performance, he explains that Rockfarm’s companies are Corporate Light, setting a platform that provides tools for the company’s Account Management team that, “Empowers quick, nimble, adaptive solutions to our customers without violating any SOC process. Our Account Managers own their business from A to Z.”

Todd affirms that Rockfarm’s open book philosophy maintains low overhead and has “set a business plan that ensures any future negotiations are focused on costs of service as opposed to any carrier buy. Couple this with world class tools and technology, you have an offering that survives the honeymoon period where rate savings were delivered.”

Best in Breed
Rockfarm’s “best in breed” technology is a key component to the company’s success. Being a leader in the technological arena translates in to reduced costs for clients. Todd shares that 85 percent of transactions are executed by Rockfarm clients. “This automation removes unnecessary head count from the overhead, hence lower transactional fees.” And in terms of sustaining clients’ competitiveness Todd adds that, “Providing clear visibility to supply chain costs, sales teams are empowered to negotiate deals that will have the best chance of on time fulfillment.”

In 2013 Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions acquired RT&T Logistics. This acquisition enables Rockfarm to provide its customers with additional services while reducing processing redundancy and secures Rockfarm’s growth. “Acquisition has empowered Rockfarm to look at large chunks of growth opportunity that has a strategic fit in the long term road map,” explains Todd. “The technology efficiencies pay for the capital expenditure investment.”

Meeting a Challenge
For any successful business, long-term growth, competitiveness, and sustainability are reliant upon the core of any given industry – the decision makers. In supply chain management, these decision makers are an absolute necessity. It will be through their intuitiveness, innovation, and foresight that problems having the largest detrimental repercussions on supply chain performance will be diminished or avoided.

To be sure, supply chain management is a complex network requiring individuals employing the right strategies to ensure optimal performance from initialization to end product. Todd relates that for Rockfarm the greatest challenge is in finding the right people. The question that needs to be addressed is, “Where are the future leaders within our companies?” he says.

Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions is one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. It is different in its approach to getting the job done in the most efficient manner across all phases of production. It possesses a team of quick decision makers, as evidenced by its proven track record within mid-sized and Fortune 500 corporations.

As for the future, Todd postulates that Rockfarm will only continue to grow.

For more information about Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions, please visit http://www.rockfarm.com/

March 20, 2018, 9:49 AM EDT

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