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ERP International

ERP International is helping organizations across America to succeed. The company’s mission is to enhance organizational performance through excellence in health, science and technology.

The company’s primary focus is on providing program management and SETA services (Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance), information technology solutions, and clinical/biotech staffing support to defense and civilian agencies of the federal government, scientific organizations, healthcare providers, intelligence agencies and commercial firms.

ERP utilizes advanced technical expertise and proven managerial practices to improve clients’ strategy and overall organizational performance. Specific organizations benefiting from these efforts include the Department of Defense, the Department of Veterans Affairs, National Institutes of Health (NIH), the US Air Force, the US Army, the Department of Health and Human Services / Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and over thirty other medical treatment facilities nationwide.

ERP’s program management and SETA services are broken down into engineering and technical services, studies analysis, and evaluation and management consulting. All of these services are delivered by a team of subject matter experts that bring an in-depth understanding to a host of functional disciplines from healthcare, public health policy and financial management to business intelligence, information systems, acquisition and logistics and engineering.

Engineering and technical services support the client’s systems design and architecture planning, connectivity, interface control and integration of enterprise solutions. The studies, analysis and evaluation department provides structured, analytical assessments to evaluate complex issues that improve policy development, decision making, management and administration.

The management consultant team help clients achieve their goals by providing a diverse range of services including portfolio management, acquisition planning and management, lean management, program and business management support, enterprise resource planning and deployment, business process management and transformation and cost / schedule / financial modeling.

“One of the things that we are extraordinarily proud of is that we were at the forefront of the modernization of military health,” CEO and Managing Partner Melvin Petty says of the consulting side of the business. “So as our war fighters are looking at new devices [and] new instruments, we are leading that research. Our customers are the war fighters, surgeon generals, the physicians and the folks who are making decisions as to how [military health] is being modernized.”

ERP’s information technology services and solutions help clients design, develop and deploy mission-focused systems. The team understands the myriad of challenges companies face during this process, including budget constraints, underlying IT systems, organizational structure and business processes. A careful approach that brings people, processes and technology together in a balanced and structured way helps the team deliver the desired outcome within the target timeframe. With every project, the IT team always maintains a strong focus on modernization. “As a company we want to be at the forefront of the enhancement and predictability of scientific discovery,” Mr. Petty explains.

ERP’s full-service clinical staffing division matches skilled workers with federal and civilian hospitals, clinics and other medical treatment facilities throughout the United States. ERP’s network of medical professionals is vast, covering everything from physicians and nurses to ancillary and administrative personnel. As a result, ERP is able to deliver comprehensive, specially tailored staffing solutions for both short term and long term needs.

The company also enjoys a high retention rate among its professionals. “Every professional that walks through the door – we retain 90 percent of them. And that is directly tied to our recruiting and resourcing model. We refer to it as our Right-Fit model.” The name defines the strategy; every placement should be a good fit for both parties, with both the professionals and the clients benefiting from the arrangement.

Mr. Petty launched ERP after twenty-five years of executive-level technical, operational and financial management experience. Much of this experience centered on the development of sustainable business environments that produce long-term customer value through innovative solutions to complex business problems. This background made him uniquely suited to launch ERP. “I had run a number of assets for a number of years and I always wanted to have my own firm,” Mr. Petty recalls. In 2006, Mr. Petty, along with his wife, recognized an opportunity in the health, science, and technology sector and knew that it was time to strike out on their own.

The business had humble beginnings, but grew quickly. “We started with two employees and now we have three hundred employees and [operate] in twenty-eight states in the U.S,” Mr. Petty shares. In fact, ERP has expanded so rapidly that the company was named number 397 on the 2013 Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing companies in the U.S., after boasting 1,121 percent growth and $22.3 million in revenue in 2012. In addition, ERP was ranked #5 on the Washington Technology “Fast 50” – recognizing it as one of the fastest growing small-business contractors in the government market.

While many startups stumbled in the face of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), ERP found that the rocky economy has actually been a boon to the company. “There is extraordinary budget pressure,” Mr. Petty explains. “Everybody has to do more with less, and I think that plays well for our capabilities. We are a value based, solutions oriented company, [and] our customers are looking for innovative ways to deal with their top line and bottom line issues. We can interject innovation as it relates to cost containment, cost avoidance and revenue cycle management.” Mr. Petty adds that his accounting background helps keep the company – and its clients – on the right track. “I am a former accountant, so I always believe that you do more with less.”

As many other companies were downsizing during the GFC, ERP was busy opening satellite offices in Dayton, Ohio; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Montgomery, Alabama; and San Antonio, Texas. “San Antonio is a major military healthcare hub,” Mr. Petty says, and “a birthplace” for related science and technology. Therefore, opening an office there “was very strategic.”

Montgomery, which is now home to the software side of the business, “is a market that is well equipped with extraordinary technological resources,” Mr. Petty explains. Not surprisingly, both locations are now thriving, as are the ones in Colorado and Ohio. The home office in Laurel, Maryland is also staying remarkably busy.

How did the team manage this rapid recent growth? “Our model is based around the three Rs of Relationships, Results and Referrals,” Mr. Petty explains. The formula is simple: establish strong relationships “which are critical in moving any effort forward” and wow the client with “extraordinary results” which produce generous referrals – the backbone of ERP’s growth. While the three Rs may be straight forward, they require considerable skill. “It is about being the best,” Mr. Petty says. “[We have] a firm commitment to being the best solution provider and generally producing extraordinary results that impact the cost model for our clients and enhance performance.”

A commitment to customer satisfaction has also been key to success. “It’s not only identifying, capturing and serving customers,” Mr. Petty points out. “You’ve got to perform once you do that. You’ve got to be able to renew your accounts as well as attract new accounts. We have been very successful in that regard.” Indeed, ERP’s customer satisfaction rating is nationally recognized; an independent Dun and Bradstreet customer satisfaction rating recently gave ERP a customer satisfaction rating of 95 percent, placing the company in the top 5 percent of all businesses ranked.

ERP’s growth and success has also taken plenty of good old fashioned hard work. Multiple members of the Petty family are involved in the enterprise, and all of them know how to go the extra mile. “We are a family of workers,” Mr. Petty points out. “We value hard work, and we’ve been able to assemble a team of folks who share that common vision, so I think it extends from the family into our work culture.” The family atmosphere also promotes effective communication and honesty. “We value trust. It is all about doing the right thing.”

For the Petty family, doing the right thing has paid off – and made ERP one of the nation’s fastest growing companies. Over a period of just eight years, ERP has become a leading provider of health, science and technology solutions to government and commercial organizations throughout the United States.

“We are really focused on creating a brand as it relates to science, health, and technology,” Mr. Petty says. “We want to be the company of choice for clients as well as employees.”

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