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Edge Solutions

Edge Solutions overcomes business challenges with information technology. The team designs an ideal solution for each client in order to provide them with a competitive advantage and increase their overall success. The company’s leading edge technology solutions cover a full range of needs including Data Storage, Virtualization, Networking, Data Security, Applications, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Mobility, Services, and Personal Systems.

Husband and wife team Julie and Michael Haley founded Edge Solutions along with Bobby Thomas five years ago. The growth since then has been nothing short of astronomical. “The first year of business we did about $3 million,” Mr. Haley recalls. “It grew to $16 million the following year. We did $21 million the third year, then $25 million. We continue to expect really explosive growth in the coming years.”

With numbers like these, it isn’t surprising that Edge Solutions was ranked number three on the Inc. 500’s list of fastest growing private companies in 2012; the previous year, the company earned the number one spot on CRN’s Fast Growth list. The Atlanta based company, which services the entire southeastern United States, has also earned a series of local awards for rapid growth including the Atlanta Business Chronicle Pacesetter Award for Fast Growth and inclusion in Business to Business’ Atlanta’s Top 25 Entrepreneurs and Ones to Watch.

This growth has been invaluable for a modest sized start-up. “We focus on growth,” Ms. Haley says. “Everyone knows if they want opportunity we have to grow as a company. So every single person in the company has a growth goal. Every single person has a net new client goal.” Setting these goals is easy; achieving them is not. And that is where Edge Solutions separates itself from the competition; the team has managed to meet – and even exceed – their goals for growth year after year after year.

The secret begins with the founding of the company. First of all, the core team brought an impressive amount of insider experience with them. “We came with a lot of knowledge about the needs of the big manufacturers and their partners, as well as the needs of the midmarket commercial clients and enterprise customers,” Mr. Haley explains. As a result, the team is well equipped to design an ideal solution for a wide variety of clients. And this expert knowledge isn’t limited to IT; Edge Solutions has made it a point to hire people with experience in healthcare, media and entertainment, and education – three sectors in which the company’s clients are heavily involved. “In those three fields in particular we have industry experts who can walk in and understand [client] needs better than most solution providers, who will just walk in and try to sell whatever is on their truck,” Ms. Haley explains. “We are better able to help clients because we understand their needs.” This insider knowledge also helps the team identify opportunities – and act on them.

Another foundational secret to success was to set – and uphold – the right value system. In fact, Edge Solutions’ value system is an important component of its overall business strategy. The first order of business, therefore, was to stack the company with people who met these values. “So, number one, we looked for people who showed integrity, service, innovation, respect, courage, and diversity,” Ms. Haley shares. “We surrounded ourselves with the right people to build the right culture.” And, she adds, those values have only strengthened as like-minded people continue to be attracted to the distinctive company culture.

After establishing a solid foundation, the rest fell into place as a matter of course. “From those two pillars of our overall strategy – values and people – it is so much easier to get the three final pillars, which are financial strength, service excellence, and profitable growth.”

One of the company’s key values is diversity. “We thought that, in a diverse world, it is very important to have a diverse company,” Ms. Haley explains. In fact, diversity is modeled from the top. “First of all, we are a woman-owned business,” Mr. Haley points out. This is not common within the tech sector. “IT is usually made up predominantly of men; we are predominately women. Greater than 50 percent of the people in our organization are women. From high school interns to grandmothers to single moms – we have the entire spectrum.”

As an added bonus, the company’s diversity can help attract the attention of new clients. Many companies are required to do a certain amount of business with diverse companies, Ms. Haley explains. “It is definitely an angle that helps us get in the door.” However, it is the company’s ability to provide the best solution that ultimately wins the contract. “[Diversity] doesn’t seal the deal. It seals the deal we are able to deliver.”

To this end, Edge Solutions is able to deliver a variety of specially tailored solutions across many different industries. Storage solutions are one area of expertise that is in particularly high demand at the moment. “Our revenues are predominantly derived from our storage practice,” Mr. Haley shares. “We have very talented solution architects and account managers that understand the vast amount of data storage and how all these companies are trying to deal with unstructured data.” The team also stays busy helping clients in certain industries meet federal laws around data retention. Once a storage solution is designed and executed, the team works hard to maintain the security of the system. “Security is an important element,” Ms. Haley points out. “You’ve got to keep that information secure.”

Service is an area that is growing quickly, and the team estimates that it will one day make up one third of the business. Service solutions “run the spectrum from contract maintenance on existing hardware and software that the clients already have, all the way through to project management services, and professional services, and the projects that we deliver.”

All of the company’s solutions help clients move forward into the twenty first century. “We can help them navigate all of the changes that are happening in the industry,” Ms. Haley points out. And, never before in history have businesses faced the unique challenges that today’s rapidly evolving technology now presents. “We stay in contact with our clients and help them navigate through all of that change,” Ms. Haley explains. “I think that is one of the big values that we bring.”

After five years of remarkable growth, Edge Solutions is eager to continue meeting client needs. And, of course, meeting client needs is essential to staying on top. “This company is run based on the profits that we can generate from helping our clients,” Mr. Haley points out. “I believe that Edge Solutions has been and will continue to be successful because of the quality of our people, the quality of the service that we deliver, and the quality of the partnerships that we have.”

June 19, 2018, 8:16 AM EDT

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