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Douglass Colony Group has been leading the commercial roofing industry for 67 years. Launched in 1947 as Douglass Roofing Company, the business has grown from a single office in Greeley, CO to become the largest commercial roofing contractor in the state of Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region. The group also runs the largest commercial roofing service division in the state.

The company began working alongside Colony Metal in 1982 and in 2009 the two companies officially joined forces to form Douglass Colony Group. Now, the unified company boasts four offices in Colorado – a Commerce City headquarters and branch locations in Greeley, Glenwood Springs and Colorado Springs – and enjoys a national presence.


Douglass Colony focuses on innovative, effective solutions for a variety of needs. “As Douglass Colony grew over the years, so did its product offerings and services,” Marketing Director Christy Maraone remarks. The company’s diversified portfolio includes roofing, metals, solar, waterproofing, and daylighting.

Douglass Colony’s roofing solutions include commercial metal roofing, commercial steep roofing, custom residential, commercial roof repairs and commercial re-roofing. The team works with a wide variety of materials to provide the best solution, from EPDM, TPO, and PVC to tile, shingle, slate, copper, and other metals.

Metal roofing has become increasingly popular over the last few years, and Douglass Colony’s metal roofing capabilities have expanded accordingly. Several factors have contributed to this material’s skyrocketing popularity; first of all, architectural metals are extremely durable and lightweight and can last an astoundingly long time – over 50 years in some cases. Metal roofing material is also available in nearly any color, which is not only aesthetically pleasing but can also serve as an innovative way to brand a business. Douglass Colony also designs and fabricates a variety of other metal products in-house including sunscreens, composite metal wall panels, light-gauge steel trusses, metal roofing, sheet metal, and flashing / trim.

The company also utilizes the team’s extensive experience in roofing to provide a single-source, integrated solar energy solution. The team’s solar roofing division designs and installs full-service, turn-key photovoltaic (PV)/electric-solar systems for commercial, industrial, educational, and government customers across the entire United States. The team can install their systems across a wide variety of surfaces including rooftops, ground mounts, carport structures, and awnings. In addition, every Douglass Colony commercial solar installation includes remote system web-monitoring.

Douglass Colony is also a premier waterproofing contractor offering a variety of waterproofing applications and services nationwide. This is a vital service, since a commercial building that lacks the necessary waterproofing measures may face a host of nasty complications including leaks, foundation issues, mould infestation, and damage to carpets, furniture, or office equipment. The team prevents these potential problems by providing both horizontal and below-grade waterproofing services that effectively inhibit moisture. Horizontal applications typically deal with plazas, parking decks, terraces, garden roofs, and green roofs, while below-grade or vertical applications cover foundations, walls, and planters.

Douglass Colony’s daylighting division harnesses natural light to illuminate interior spaces, reducing dependence on electrical lighting. In this innovative system, sunlight shines through a dome, then filters down through a reflective system to be evenly dispersed throughout the interior by a diffuser. The benefits are substantial and immediate; companies will reduce energy use and costs, as well as increase employee productivity and well-being by increasing their exposure to the health benefits of natural light.

Strategies for success

Staying ahead for 67 years doesn’t happen by accident; Douglass Colony has relied on several key strategies to maintain ongoing success. Perhaps most importantly, the team isn’t afraid to adapt and grow with the changing times. As a result, the company has remained at the forefront of an evolving industry. “Douglass Colony is a very progressive company which is why it remains successful even in turbulent economic times,” Ms. Maraone explains.

A prime example of this flexibility and forward thinking is the company’s product line diversification. “Douglass Colony started as just a commercial roofing company in 1947,” Ms. Maraone points out. “We have since added numerous products and capabilities to make us an industry leader in many arenas.”

The team has also been quick to take advantage of the latest technology. Most recently, the company’s service / maintenance division adopted a new, completely paperless software program that takes real-time photos. The program is faster and more efficient than the previous solution, and “it will enable the service sales team to show the customer their roof in addition to their recommended actions, estimated roof life, and estimated costs for repairs / replacement,” Ms. Maraone shares. The entire sales team has also recently adopted the use of iPhones, and all of the company’s project managers and superintendents now use iPads for more accurate field reporting.

Douglass Colony has also been at the forefront of environmentally responsible building practices. “Douglass Colony is a firm advocate of the green movement and participates on many LEED projects,” Ms. Maraone says. “Even the headquarters building is a testament to Douglass Colony’s commitment to go green and reduce the carbon footprint of its building. It is Silver LEED certified and promotes many sustainable technologies such as white roofing, sunscreens and three different solar technologies.” The company also offers a variety of sustainable products including white / reflective roofing, sunscreens, garden roofing, solar PV, and daylighting.

Of course, Douglass Colony’s people have also been crucial to the company’s long term success. The close knit group stresses teamwork, despite the company’s size and multiple divisions. As a result, Douglass Colony is able to provide a complete solution and tackle the most complex jobs. “When we bid jobs, we bid all company competencies – roofing, metal, solar, waterproofing and more,” Ms. Maraone explains. “Between all offices and all divisions, we communicate and work as a team for all bid proposals locally and nationally.”

The dedicated team is also determined to provide the best customer service possible. “Douglass Colony focuses on providing a quality customer experience as measured by client satisfaction surveys,” Ms. Maraone reports. “We are pleased that the majority of our business comes from repeat clients, in addition to the new clients we attract over the years.”

Quality work also keeps clients coming back, and builds a reputation that attracts new ones. “Douglass Colony works with top-of-the-line manufacturers to provide you with the best products and craftsmanship on the market,” Ms. Maraone points out. This commitment to quality extends to safety, and the team boasts an excellent record in this area. “Douglass Colony’s high safety record is highly respected in the industry and often one of the determining factors for Douglass Colony landing a job.”


The firm boasts a large portfolio of high profile projects – and a long list of impressive awards to match. Most recently, the company completed substantial work on the new, state-of-the-art Castle Rock Adventist Hospital located in Douglass County. Work on the 212,000 square foot, four storey building included the installation of a ballasted EPDM roof (tied in to the existing), a Soprema modified bitumen roof, sheet metal, single-skin screen wall panels, faux wood-grained braces, ACM composite panels and column covers.

Another recent noteworthy project involved the 14 storey, 500,000 square foot DaVita World Headquarters located in Denver. Here, Douglass Colony performed horizontal waterproofing on a variety of decks and installed plaza pavers and non-skid wood pavers, fully adhered white PVC membrane roofing, sheet metal flashing and trim, a custom rigidized steel cap on the 14th level terrace, snow guards, vapour barriers and planters.

Another recent job stands out for its difficulty. “Over our 67 year history we have re-roofed some incredible, challenging projects; however one of our biggest triumphs occurred recently with the completion of the Jefferson County Government Administration & Courts,” Ms. Maraone reports. “Although not our biggest project to date, this project was certainly one of our more unique and challenging ones. Not only did we re-roof multiple roof levels of various sizes, all work was completed while court remained in session. So court sessions were not disrupted by construction noise or fumes, Douglass Colony completed much of the work on weekends and off-hours. Access was also quite difficult with finished landscape around the entire building and entranceways which could not be blocked.”

With nearly seven decades of experience, Douglass Colony has had a hand in countless projects across the Rocky Mountain region. And, the company is eager to take on many more. The team is currently looking at getting licensed in additional states and “is focusing on more national work,” Ms. Maraone shares. The company will also continue to expand its product line and services in order to keep evolving along with the market. A continued focus on sustainable products and services will also be stressed. In short, “Douglass Colony will continue to do all the [things] that has made it a successful industry leader over the years.”

June 19, 2018, 8:16 AM EDT

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