Canadian-Made Water Control Solutions

Singer Valve Inc.

In business for over half a century, Canada’s own Singer Valve Inc. has earned a reputation not only at home but in the United States and internationally for its superior service and diverse range of valves for a wide number of water-based applications. “Some of our valves are as big as a car, and others you can hold in your hand,” says Singer Valve’s Jody Malo, International Sales Manager for the company.

Singer has never compromised on quality at any stage of the manufacturing process. Cast from ductile iron or stainless steel – which is significantly stronger and more elastic than ordinary cast iron, which can be brittle – Singer valves come with an unsurpassed three-year warranty, and range in price from a few hundred dollars to well over $100,000.

Singer’s technical staff will travel to be on site to ensure the product is working properly and in many cases are there to help commission a valve when the application more technical. “We were the first automatic control valve company to offer a three-year warranty, where all the other companies were offering only one,” states Mr. Malo of the privately-owned enterprise.

With products in use on every continent on the planet, the Singer Valve name is synonymous with reliability. Based in Surrey, British Columbia, Singer sells products for use in a wide range of water distribution applications and networks, with valves found in water plants and pump stations, vaults, underground chambers, and other areas where water pressure must be controlled and managed. The company’s valves are used in water control systems in major metropolitan centres across North America such as New York, Vancouver, Los Angeles and Halifax and locations in Spain, South America, the Middle East, Kuala Lumpur, Australia, Mexico and many other locations.

Offering clients a range of Singer valve packages, the company takes pride in working closely with customers to create innovative, durable, and long-lasting solutions to address all water control and management needs, including water works, fire protection, and building trades. The Singer Valve team tackles all projects with professionalism, integrity, and innovation, all backed by decades of first-hand experience. In fact, many of Singer Valve’s products are the result of the company’s dedicated research and design team’s desire to work closely with clients to find solutions to water-based challenges.

Growth without Compromise

With hundreds of staff members and Singer Valve Sales Representatives world-wide, Singer Valve has recently undertaken a number of carefully planned growth initiatives both here in Canada and abroad. Singer refuses to compromise when it comes to the integrity of materials, manufacturing, and workmanship. “Years ago, the CEO of the company made a corporate decision that we would build our valves to the highest level possible and the greatest quality and level of materials would be used,” says Mr. Malo. “Other companies might offer multiple versions – from a lower-level quality to a mid to a high – yet we only offer the high, and then price it to compete with their mid and lower-level quality products. With Singer Valve, customers get only valves made from high-quality materials. There is no question of what level of material you are going to get; you’re going to get the highest level, because that’s all we offer.”

The same degree of quality can be found in all Singer Valve products regardless of where they are manufactured. About three years in the works, the company established a sales and distribution facility to sell products to the local market in China, including a sales team and sales manager, the company’s facility in Taicang – which remains ranked in the Top 10 of the National Bureau of Statistics’ 100 Most Competitive County Level Cities in China – is located about an hour north of Shanghai, the nation’s most populous city. For Asian customers, the move has been a successful one, since it enables Singer to supply valves, get them to the market faster, and react to orders more quickly.

“Without having to move all that freight of product back and forth, we can be more competitively priced as well. With time and price, it gives us a great product and the ability to support the customer better in that market,” states Mr. Malo of the facility, where Singer staff handle final assembly and quality testing. Singer Valve is targeting the expansive hydro power market in China along with a number of utilities, industrial customers and building trades, and offering customers in China a range of valves all the way up to its 48-inch opening diameter flange models.

In addition to the company’s new facility in China, this fall will see the completion of a new building at Singer’s Surrey location. To make operations more streamlined, the company will soon house all machining and production of individual parts in the new building, with all assembly taking place in the existing structure. In addition to adding about 60 percent more space to work, the project – which is on budget and on time for the November 30th completion date – will make overall production more efficient, allow more space for additional equipment, and work toward much greater production to better serve our customers worldwide.

One-Stop Solutions

Realizing that the needs of all clients are unique, the team at Singer Valve regularly designs, manufactures, delivers, tests, calibrates and installs water control systems. These systems, created to precise customer needs, can be installed quickly and at less cost than systems made on site, with Singer’s dedicated team of expert technicians taking care of every aspect of the project.

From a Singer Valve Pack, clients are assured of quality in all areas, with precision AutoCAD drawings, the highest quality manufactured components and thorough testing of all systems, including pressure reducing systems, pump control packaged systems, backflow control packaged systems, flow metering control packaged systems, and more. Clients worldwide trust Singer – and its industry-wide reputation – for time-tested quality products, service, and installation.

Along with praise from clients and repeat business over the years, Singer Valve is the proud recipient of a number of industry awards. In 2010, the company received an award from the Province of British Columbia for sustainability in water conservation. A year later, in 2011, Singer was presented with a business excellence award from the City of Surrey for customer service and for being a stalwart employer in the community.

Creating solutions for a diverse range of customers worldwide – from the City of Toronto to the Instituto Nacional desallorro de Recursos Hidraulicos in the Dominican Republic, and from the Department of Water and Power for the City of Los Angeles to Iceland’s Reykjavik Water Utility – Singer Valve Inc. prides itself on taking on water control solutions, no matter where they are located. “We are a company that puts quality first, and quality in our customers’ needs first,” says Mr. Malo. “We continue to grow, and are reaching more and more customers worldwide every day.”

April 23, 2018, 1:06 PM EDT