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AirQuest Mechanical Supply Limited

In heating, ventilation and air conditioning, or HVAC as it is known, specialty items can sometimes be hard to find. There never seems to be a shop that stocks everything you need, when you need it, and as anyone in the industry knows, supplies may be needed at short notice…

Precious hours can be spent trying to figure out where to obtain the proper materials for the job. Luckily Davoud Sadeghi, the President of AirQuest Mechanical Ltd., has a one-stop shop that stocks a large and varied supply of HVAC installation products.

AirQuest Mechanical Supply Limited was established in 2010 as a wholesale business supplying residential and commercial contractors with everything they may need for HVAC installations.

Initially AirQuest started out as a sheet metal distributor. The stock range was then expanded to carry items that would meet a greater breadth of customer needs within the HVAC market and, as of last year, the company started to stock items used in the commercial ventilation sector.

“We’ve started to expand into the commercial side of HVAC installation,” explains Davoud. “We now stock spiral pipe, thicker gauges and larger sizes typically used in commercial applications.” Today, the company has everything needed for HVAC in both the residential and commercial ventilation industry. AirQuest is also able to keep its customers’ costs low by maintaining an owner operated supply house focussing on local market needs and personalized service. The competition generally comprises U.S. and national chains with much higher overheads.

AirQuest considers both its suppliers and customers business partners; “Our role in the business is to keep the contractors’ prices as low as possible,” believes Davoud. “The better they do, the more volume we go through… And of course we rely on the strong relationship we’ve built with our suppliers in order to maintain our volume pricing and continue to pass the savings along to our customers. It’s in all our best interests to keep business flowing and growing.”

The company stocks products produced by quality manufacturers, offering delivery to clients on the jobsite, which works well for most tradesmen who aren’t looking to waste time hunting for supplies. From its location at 10 Ilsley Avenue, Dartmouth, the company’s delivery area reaches all of HRM and surrounding areas.

Of the location, Davoud says that, “In the near future we will be doubling the size of our warehouse in order to maintain the stock needed for our ever increasing clientele. The ‘word’ of our quality and price seems to be getting out there,”

AirQuest offers a ‘contractors corner’, equipped with free coffee, other beverages and Wi-Fi. The company also promotes a REWARDS program for qualifying customers. Monthly incentive prizes and annual all-inclusive Caribbean vacations are a ‘fringe’ benefit of doing business with AirQuest Mechanical.

AirQuest Mechanical Supply is privately owned and locally operated. This affords the company flexibility, meaning that specific customer needs – whether it be bringing in new stock or adjusting a price on an item – can be met immediately. When a customer comes in they can speak directly with the owner if need be and issues can be solved right away.

According to Davoud, “This is a one stop shop; customers come in and get everything they are looking for with no need to stop for one item here and two items there. At the same time we are very lean and efficient when it comes to expenses, which gives the customer good competitive prices that are better than anywhere else.”

With the goal of supplying a range of quality products, AirQuest Mechanical carries HVAC supplies from duct work and accessories to heat pumps and heat recovery ventilators. An affiliation with Lumitech Inc and AirKing has led to its stocking electrical products such as range hoods, bath fans, switches, receptacles, and more – and the company has future plans to expand this range of electrical components.

Demand for particular items has also led to the stocking of mini split heat pumps. “They are selling well and our customers are very happy with their quality, efficiency and price.”

Heat pumps extract heat from one place and transfer it to another. Heat is transferred by a refrigerant being circulated through an evaporation and condensation cycle; heat is thus absorbed from one location and transferred to another. A heat pump cycle is completely reversible and heat pumps can be used to both heat in winter and to cool and dehumidify in summer.

Listening to customer demands has changed not only the stock on the shelves, but has reshaped the company itself. “We are where we are today because of our loyal customers that have been here throughout the expansion of the company,” says Davoud. “Every day, I can see that they all appreciate what we are doing and all of the hard work that we do to create better opportunities for them and for us. What we give them helps them to expand their business which in turn helps us expand ours. We do this by providing quality products, from good reliable sources and manufacturers, at competitive prices.”

Davoud feels that just surviving the first two years with the way the economy has been is, in itself, a great achievement. “We started from zero in a market where there are very big names and a lot of competition. We have survived, we are here, and we are known as a player in the market.” With the planned expansion into New Brunswick and continued top notch customer service, the future of AirQuest is bright.

July 17, 2018, 7:22 AM EDT

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