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Canada Mat

With an exceptional selection of products, an emphasis on quality and value, and timely, friendly service, Canada Mat continues to lead the way in mats made right here at home for a diverse range of clients.

“We have quite a few big-name customers, like the TD Bank, Millennium Place, the Edmonton Police Service, Canada Place, the Shaw Conference Centre, Standard Life, and Canadian Tire, to name a few,” says Nicole Berdin, Marketing Manager and Sales at Canada Mat. “One of our biggest customers is the West Edmonton Mall, where we do ongoing cleaning and switching out mats for them.”

Unlike some other companies who import mats from overseas, all Canada Mat products are manufactured by highly skilled staff in Edmonton, Alberta. With a longstanding reputation for quality, the company has an established base of clients, and continues to attract new customers through its website, qualified sales team, and showroom. Selling matting solutions across Canada, the company will go on-site and install matting in the Edmonton area.

ComfortPlus Anti-Fatigue Mats
At the company’s two-bay warehouse, staff manufacture quality mats for a variety of applications in the commercial, industrial, and residential arenas. Over the years, Canada Mat has been widely acclaimed for its line of durable and high-quality ComfortPlus Anti-Fatigue Mats. Complementing any décor, anti-fatigue mats are made by hand using a press – not a large-scale mechanized production – thereby ensuring quality each and every time.

While all mats serve a variety of functions – trapping dirt, mud, moisture, dust and other debris in one area, improving indoor air quality, and helping to prevent slips and falls, to name just a few – ComfortPlus Anti-Fatigue Mats offer numerous advantages to clients. The result of over a decades’ worth of ongoing research, development, and testing, anti-fatigue mats play a key role in ergonomics. Dedicated to the design of workplaces and the equipment we use on a daily basis, ergonomics is concerned with optimizing functionality, productivity, health, safety, ease of use, efficiency, and especially comfort.

With these factors in mind, Canada Mat is proud to carry the ComfortPlus Anti-Fatigue Mats, a line acquired by the company back in 2009. A welcome addition to the company’s existing product line, the mats are recommended for women and men in situations at work or at home where they are standing in one area for extended lengths of time, such as in front of a machine or in the kitchen washing dishes or cooking. Anti-fatigue mats use science to help prevent fatigue, back and muscle pain and cramps, and make standing much more comfortable.

Designed to provide a safe and comfortable environment, anti-fatigue mats combat fatigue, and are correlated to increased productivity and decreased accidents. “Anti-fatigue mats just set you off balance a little bit, because you are standing on foam,” says Ms. Berdin. “This causes your body to straighten out. It provides better posture, and it alleviates pain in the legs.” The mats, creating a slightly uneven surface, force postural muscles to make frequent small contractions. As a result, these tiny contractions reduce blood pooling in the legs and reduce cramping by helping muscles to receive adequate supplies of blood.

Half an inch thick, the anti-fatigue mats offer cushioning with a 98 percent recovery (bounce back). Made from black SBR rubber, they are available in SBR, Nitrile, Vinyl and Anti-Stat, and come in standard and custom sizes. With ribbed and smooth surfaces available, the mats include bevelled edges for additional safety. Additionally, Canada Mat offers ComfortPlus II Carpeted Anti-Fatigue Mats. Available in six colors, the mats provide the same ergonomic qualities of Standard ComfortPlus Mats with an attractive, colourful appearance and extra protection for high heels.

“Customers take the anti-fatigue mat for two weeks, and at the end we come back, and if they love it they buy it, and if they don’t, they tell us why – it’s as simple as that,” says Ms. Berdin of the mats, which remain a best-seller. The compact size of the standard mat product – measuring two by three feet – makes it extremely popular in banks for tellers and in grocery stores for cashiers. There is also an industrial-strength version available for persons engaged in welding and other manufacturing sectors. At a recent trade show, the anti-fatigue mats were featured alongside companies selling massive pieces of industrial equipment, which resulted in numerous leads. “One company from Surrey, B.C. said they wanted 500 anti-fatigue mats, so they could include it as an extra when they sell a half-million-dollar machine,” shares Ms. Berdin.

Benefits of Owing Over Rental
There are a number of advantages to businesses that come with owning mats as opposed to renting them. In many cases, rented mats are serviced at intervals, while most businesses which own mats have contractors on staff who will clean mats daily, making them more hygienic. From a safety and aesthetic standpoint, purchased mats are often safer, as rental companies will often lay down multiple mats – as opposed to a single large mat – which not only looks less attractive, but can create problems.

“Sometimes with rental mats there are four of them, which is a tripping hazard, in an area which could have been covered with one mat,” explains Ms. Berdin. “We do custom cutting, and you can have any size of mat you want. So you go from having four or five rental mats to one big mat that we can clean for you.”

Another advantage to owning is aesthetics; although rental mats may appear new, many are anywhere from near-new to 10 years old. Businesses renting these mats have no control over which rental mats they receive, and since they are located at entrances, an unattractive, worn-out rental mat can created a negative first impression to anyone coming into a building or office space.

Recently, Canada Mat purchased a cleaning van, which enables the company to clean mats customers already own. This way, clients have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the mats they have purchased are the same ones that are being cleaned and returned to them. “The customer actually saves money doing it that way rather than renting, you can guarantee the mats are yours, and they are still under warranty,” explains Ms. Berdin. “With mat rental companies, the mats could have been at a dog groomer’s, and are now in your health food store.”

Custom Solutions for Business and Home
As the winner of a prestigious Ernest C. Manning Innovation Award – which has recognized and supported Canadian innovators of all ages since 1982 – Canada Mat is dedicated to providing clients with well designed, durable products that are made to last. All products are designed to stop dirt and water at entrances, which helps the environment through the necessitation of fewer chemicals and harsh cleaning products.

Available in a range of colours and styles, residential mats are available in plush, loops or twists. Custom edging can be applied to most mats, which extend the life of the mat and help keep it from becoming a tripping hazard. In the commercial sector, custom-made matting not only helps to minimize dirt, snow, and mud being tracked into your business, but high quality indoor entrance mats with a custom company logo also make a positive statement about any company. Additionally, Canada Mat’s products for the industrial sector are ideal for warehouses, welding, and other businesses demanding tough products.

From products like the beautifully designed Oxford Elite to the Victory, ComfortPlus II Carpeted Anti Fatigue Mats, WaterHog – designed with a diamond ridge surface to remove debris and water –Style Point, Brush Hog, Eco Elite, Ruffian, and others, Canada Mat is ready and able to come up with total matting solutions. No matter the style or colour, Canada Mat can create solutions from small foam-filled mats for cashiers all the way to massive mats for the West Edmonton Mall.

“Our mats come with a two year warranty,” comments Ms. Berdin of the company, which also performs custom edging. “We guarantee the edges for the life of the mat, meaning the edge won’t rip off; if it does, we’ll come on-site and fix it for free.”

With selection and service, a wide range of quality mats designed to suit a variety of purposes and budgets, no cost on-site consultation, a lifetime guarantee on edging, professional installation and more, Canada Mat remains the number one choice across the country for superior matting solutions for business, industries, and at home.

June 21, 2018, 11:35 PM EDT

A Proactive Approach to Resolving a Longstanding Debate

About forty skilled Central and South American workers from Ecuador, Peru, Columbia and Costa Rica came to British Columbia, Canada as temporary foreign workers (TFWs) in 2006. This story incited Labourers’ International Union of North America (LiUNA) call for reforms to Canada’s TFW program (TFWP) and the International Mobility Program (IMP). LiUNA, a powerful voice within the construction industry with over half a million members – 110,000 of whom are in Canada – has been the only Canadian union to address the issue.