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2 Web Design

2 Web Design’s core services are website and web application development. However, in response to the evolution of the industry the company has also become strongly focused on online marketing. For instance, the team helps clients use social media to reach a targeted demographic. They also work hard to promote the websites they create using inbound marketing techniques so they rank higher in search engines and receive better conversions. “That has really helped our clients get greater returns from their website,” Mouneeb points out.

“When I started this company, I wanted to make sure that we were in the business of helping other businesses and organizations,” Mouneeb explains. “So, customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. Our dedication to our clients has been a primary reason for our success.”

The team has several important strategies to ensure customer satisfaction. First and foremost is to provide clients with the information and support that they need. “One of the things that differentiates us from our competitors is that we really focus on educating our clients. Unfortunately, this industry has been tarnished in the past because there are a lot of companies that help businesses set up a web site, but they don’t offer the support clients need to really make use of that website.” A website is an interactive tool, Mouneeb explains, and businesses need to know how to actively engage with their target audience online. “We bring that extra level of support,” Mouneeb adds. “We provide them with an online marketing strategy and help them execute it so they can meet their goals.”

This guidance starts from day one and continues even after the project is completed. The management team helps clients hash out their plans when they first come on board. They work with the client to fine tune communication goals and help them develop a system to meet those goals after the website is up and running. “We try to play a very pivotal role when it comes to their communication strategy online,” Mouneeb reports. The company’s experienced design team also works closely with clients to develop a website layout that not only looks great but also encourages user engagement. Finally, once the programming team has crafted their solution, the management team teaches clients how to maintain their online presence.

Another successful strategy has been to actively connect with the local business community in order to better understand what solutions clients really need. “We have been involved with groups that help businesses network and collaborate with each other. This puts us in an environment where we could engage with other businesses and really learn about some of the challenges that they are experiencing when it comes to marketing. Once we knew what those challenges were, we were able to address those challenges by offering the right kind of solutions that meet the needs of a growing business community.”

One way that the company ensures that its solutions will be effective is by focusing on the target market’s user experience. “We want to make sure that when we are engaging with a target audience online, they have the best user experience through the website,” Mouneeb explains. This attention to user experience has become even more important as an increasing number of people access information through mobile devices. “Browsing behaviour on a mobile device is different from a PC,” notes Mouneeb, “you don’t want people to get frustrated when they are trying to access importance content about the business.” These concerns led the company to begin developing specially designed mobile websites and apps for iPhone and Android platforms.

2 Web Design has also begun utilizing “Responsive web design.” This recent, leading edge style of design allows a website to adapt to the platform from which it is being accessed. “It will automatically detect which device and which screen size is accessing the website,” Mouneeb explains, “and then it will rearrange the structure of the website so that it is compatible with the device.” He adds that, “by developing a dynamic solution such as responsive design, we are able to not only gain a competitive edge, but also make sure that the clients are getting the most return out of their website.”

The team is excited to continue utilizing innovative new concepts like responsive design in the future. They are also working on becoming more active in government and educational sectors. 2 Web Design has already provided web design services for over 400 businesses, non-profit organizations and municipalities since its inception just under ten years ago. The team’s collaborative, supportive approach is sure to keep bringing in new clients across many sectors for many more years to come. To experience a taste of their unique solutions, visit

July 21, 2018, 3:35 AM EDT

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