Jim Treliving

Mr. Treliving is also co-host of CBC’s highly rated Dragons’ Den. Business in Focus recently spoke with him about his thoughts on the entrepreneurial spirit in this country, and how, like him, a driven passionate entrepreneur can make his or her dreams of success a reality.

Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

Better Drilling in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin

In the 2013 federal budget, as well as the 2013 Economic Action Plan, the Canadian government placed a large emphasis on the skilled trades and efficiency in the Western Canadian sedimentary basin to ensure the sustainability of the industry and maintain the many economic and social benefits of a strong economy.

Increased Efficiency for Sustainable Growth

The Right Tool to Start Your Business?

Crowdfunding is a financing method that involves funding a project with small contributions from a large group of individuals. It offers a flip-side alternative to venture capital, which typically involves seeking large sums of money from a small number of investors.


Sunbelt Business Brokers Canada

Sunbelt serves as a knowledgeable intermediary between sellers and buyers. Values are assessed, businesses are marketed and advertised for sale without disclosing identity, and interested potential buyers are assisted by brokers throughout the entire transaction.

Turning Dreams into Reality

Pinnacle Group

He started small but had big plans. “It was just me with a little car that had a ladder rack and a ladder. I was working out of a bedroom in my house.” The leap of faith quickly paid off, and Pinnacle Group Inc. now boasts 19 employees and over two decades of success.

Roofing Experts at your Service

NorQuest College

“NorQuest has said that we will focus on three angles,” adds NorQuest College President and CEO Dr. Jodi Abbott, ICD.D. First of all, she explains, the college works to increase the skill sets of Alberta’s underemployed to help them land better jobs. Second, the team targets people outside of the labour force to give them the education they need to launch a career.

Creating a Strong Workforce

Matrix Labour Leasing

The company was started in 2002 by Shannon Warren, who hired a few employees who worked out of his basement. “We grew it to a 10 million-plus a year business,” explains Mr. Warren, now the President and CEO of Matrix Labour Leasing.

Professionals in the Right Place

Larlyn Property Management

“Where we are today in our growth cycle is only the result of listening to the clients and implementing the things that they want. We’ve grown from one client to another from referral, which is how we would like to continue to grow,” he says.

A Reputation Built on Service

Hidi Rae Consulting Engineers

“We’ve always been after smart, sustainable growth,” says Jamie Hidi, President at Hidi Rae Consulting Engineers. “We are in a lot of sectors and will be rounding out our services, and in particular, growing the new ones to the point where they are equal to our other ones in terms of the market.”

Building Relationships

Elizabeth Grant

The secret behind Elizabeth Grant Skin Care’s impressive growth is very simple, President Marion Witz insists. “We offer a phenomenal product. We became very successful because our customers love the product.”

The Secret of Beautiful Skin

January 24, 2019, 8:25 AM EST