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“A lot of the competitors are either focused on just the freight broker logistics side or they are focused on just the transportation carrier side,” Tailwind General Manager Bhavik Chauhan explains. “Whereas we can cater to both at the highest level.” This makes the company’s software particularly appealing, he adds, because many customers straddle both sectors, and Tailwind is able to provide them with a comprehensive solution in a single purchase.

Tailwind is committed to being customer focused. “Our biggest strategy that has led to the company’s success is how we treat our clients,” Mr. Chauhan reports. “We treat our clients with the utmost respect by listening to their needs. We do get a lot of referral business based on that.” Being a relatively small company has helped the team stay true to this core value. “Most of the competitors are big corporations,” Mr. Chauhan points out. “We are smaller, so we are able to give our customers more of a personal touch.”

This personal touch includes tailoring each software solution to meet a client’s individual needs. “Every client is unique and they have their own way of doing their business processes,” Mr. Chauhan points out, and Tailwind makes it a priority to consider each of these unique processes when developing a solution. “This is what differentiates us from our competitors,” John Percy, Client Relationship Representative, adds. “A lot of competitors have a boxed solution and you’ve got to cater your business to how the system works. With us we cater the system to how your business works. We can make tweaks and changes based on the customer.”

The team works hand in hand with these customers to understand their specific ideas and goals and incorporate these factors into the system. “Clients are more like partners,” Mr. Chauhan insists, “because we utilize their ideas and their creativity to make a better system.” Tailwind does offer a standard, off the shelf solution as well, but the majority of clients are eager to take advantage of the company’s skilful customization offering.

All Tailwind solutions offer several unique advantages; perhaps the most important is the remarkably fast setup time. “Our competitors take between four months to a year to have you set up and trained on the system,” Mr. Percy reports. “You can have our system up and running within two weeks.” This shortened timeframe even includes training. Mr. Percy credits efficient processes and an easy to use design. “The difference, I think, is that our system is more user friendly and there are less complications to setting it up,” he explains. “Our competitors are not as user friendly, which is why it takes a lot longer to learn the system.”

Tailwind software is also fully synchronized with QuickBooks. “A few competitors integrate to QuickBooks, which means that they can get the basic information out of one system and import into the other system pretty smoothly,” Mr. Percy reports. “A full synchronization – and we are the only ones to do that – means that you just click a button and all detailed information automatically transfers into QuickBooks. That is something that we have that is unique compared to our competitors.” In addition, Tailwind’s software can be translated into any language. “That is another unique feature that we have,” Mr. Chauhan adds. This capability has proven particularly beneficial to French speaking clients in Canada and Spanish speaking clients in Mexico and the United States.

Although Tailwind has been offering remote internet connectivity for over 12 years, the company’s newest offering is a fully web based solution slated for release at the end of this year. This product requires no software installation. It capitalizes on the growing popularity of the cloud and allows clients to access the software from anywhere in the world at any time. Furthermore, the comprehensive solution is designed to support every freight transportation sector. “It hits every niche market and every need that is possible for this market,” Mr. Chauhan reports.

And this is only the beginning. Tailwind is determined to continue providing the logistics and transportation industry with the most advanced, leading edge software management solutions available.

July 21, 2018, 3:30 AM EDT

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