Energy in Canada

A major turning point in the history of Canadian / U.S. relations occurred in 1984. The Trudeau government’s plans at nationalizing the oil industry were officially over, replaced by Brian Mulroney’s Progressive Conservative government and the era of free trade. Ultimately, the shape of oil policy transformed from that of a national interest to one of continental and international integration.

Superpower or Satellite?

Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces are shared space environments where individuals carry out their tasks and duties in a communal workspace. Unlike a typical office environment, most people using coworking spaces do not work for the same organization.

Helping Independent Workers Share and Collaborate

H. J. O’Connell

Moving dirt and pouring concrete may sound simple, but the work of H. J. O’Connell Ltd. is anything but. The company works on all types of infrastructure jobs and site development though its specialties include open-pit mining, the removal of overburden (the plants, rock and soil that lie above the desired mine layer) and the development of hydroelectric sites.

On Solid Ground

Cliffs Natural Resources

The team has remained at the forefront of technology and innovation over the decades, from the first application of electric power in Michigan’s mines to the current use of leading edge GPS and computer systems. Today, the company is a member of the S&P 500 Index and a leading producer of iron ore globally, as well as a significant producer of high- and low-volatile metallurgical coal.

Supplying the World’s Steel Makers

Newton Group

Raised on a sheep and cattle farm in New Zealand, Edwin Newton grew up driving bulldozers and constructing buildings for the family farm. “We built our own woolsheds, fences, roads and bridges,” he explains. “As you see, building things has always been a part of my life.”

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This reputation has been confirmed by Marketing Magazine, which has named Staples one of the top ten most trusted brands in the country for the past six years in a row; in 2008, the magazine ranked Staples as the number one most trusted brand. Staples is also one of the leading ecommerce retailers in Canada.

Canada’s Most Trusted Brand

SNX Advance Logistics

SNX works side by side with customers to design the most appropriate supply chain solutions for their individual needs. For over the road deliveries, the company’s wide network of strategic partnerships provides a range of transportation options including dry vans, refrigerated units, flatbeds, tankers, dumps and hoppers.

The Logistics Experts

Premiere Van Lines

Since 2005, Ms. Flynn has been immersing herself in the business, getting to know it inside and out, and says that a moving company involves far more than loading and unloading a truck. “We consider ourselves to be in the hospitality industry. It’s all about identifying yourself when you walk inside the client’s door to ensure this person understands who you are, that you are credible, that they can contact you afterwards and that you will be giving a white glove service.”

Making all the Right Moves


For the past eleven years, Optelian has provided superior products, solutions, and services for transporting high-speed data over fibre optics. The team established key relationships with major telecom operators early on, and the company quickly grew to boast a 200 employee workforce and over 200 customers around the globe.

Keeping Us Connected

Nanak Foods

Today, Nanak Foods has become one of the largest manufacturers of dairy based Indian foods in North America. Mr Taneja spoke with us about what it means to serve this market, his company’s plans for expansion, and how traditional Indian fare is entering the mainstream.

Authentic Tastes from India

January 24, 2019, 8:30 AM EST