OEM Remanufacturing

OEM is a key business partner with Finning Canada and primarily remanufactures Caterpillar components in its state of the art, 350,000 square foot facility in Edmonton, Alberta. OEM has recently begun to diversify into additional sectors as well, and is currently in the process of expanding its scope of services and clients while simultaneously maintaining a strong relationship with Finning and Caterpillar.

Renew Your Investment

RITZ Architectural Systems

RITZ Architectural Systems has been a supplier and installer of metal cladding, sloped metal roofing, steel deck, aluminum plate, and aluminum composite as well as other specialty cladding systems including terracotta, laminated panels, fibre cement and granite.

Innovative Cladding Solutions

Johnston Wholesale

The need for a new company, able to dedicate itself to organizing the tough health and beauty section and its hard-to-place products, was seen in 1963 by a husband and wife team named Howard and Delphine Johnston. After working for another company and having a disagreement on how things should operate, Howard Johnston decided to part ways and become his own entity. Coming from a background in wholesale, it was a natural fit for him to stay in that part of the market.

The Right Choice, For 50 Years

Environmental Waste International

The company is also poised to introduce a revolutionary tire recycling technology to the world. Business in Focus spoke with Daniel Kaute, EWS’s CEO and President, about the company’s reverse polymerization technology which is making a significant difference in the recycling of used tires.

Engineering for the Environment


HVDC is used in a variety of different applications including when electrical current must be transmitted over a long distance because it has some distinct advantages over alternating current – for example, less energy loss in the form of heat.

Powering the World

Shiva Granite and Stone

“Our main focus here is to deliver a good product,” remarks Jay Sivakumar, founder of the family owned and operated business. “We want to see that our customers are always happy.”

The One Stop Shop for Countertops

ISPA Store Fixtures

Established in 1968 and purchased by its current owners in the mid-eighties, ISPA Store Fixtures, the founding member of the ISPA Group of companies, manufactures customized quality indoor retail store fixtures for major corporate clients throughout North America and the Caribbean.

A Proactive Approach to Business

Westcana Electric

Active in industrial construction, industrial maintenance, new construction, commercial and industrial renovations, and design and build, Westcana Electric is ready and able to handle the needs of clients who require complex electrical systems, service maintenance, data and network cabling, LED lighting sales and installation, and more.

First Class Service and Solutions


Top-Co supplies oilfield casing cementing products – including float shoes, collars, centralizers and hardware – and deliver real time wellbore solutions and product support to meet the time-sensitive needs and challenges of the industry. A Canadian enterprise headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Top-Co has maintained a record of quality, unblemished service as a specialized niche company supplying and supporting casing cementing equipment since it was formed in 1963.

Leading the Way in Casing Cementing Equipment

Henry Technologies

Henry Technologies Canada began in Brantford back in 1967 under the name Chil-Con and manufactured chillers, condensers and heat exchangers for the refrigeration industry. Seventeen years ago, Henry Valve purchased Chil-Con and seven years ago, Henry was in turn bought out by a privately held company, Hendrick Holdings, out of Wisconsin. “They totally supported us in developing the Brantford and Texas facilities.

Pride in the Process

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