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Headquartered in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Metalcare provides services for the oil and gas industry, primarily focusing on oil sands projects in Western Canada. The company’s services include Quality Assurance and Control, Welding Inspection, Project Resources Support, NDT, Geotechnical with recently added service lines for Surveying and Mining Equipment Maintenance.

The company provides turnkey service support to construction projects starting from surveying, geotechnical, project Quality Assurance and Quality Control, to technical project management manpower, to NDT to final project documentation in order to commission and start up the plants. Metalcare also offers its services to in-services plants performing API inspections, corrosion surveys, mechanical surveys and mining equipment maintenance.

Metalcare’s Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services include Radiographic Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Dye Penetrant Testing, Ultrasonic Testing, Positive Material Identification, and Liquid Penetrative Testing. Advanced NDT services include Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT), Guided Wave Long Range Ultrasonic Testing of plant piping and pipelines and Magnetic Flux Leakage tank floor scanning (MFL).

Metalcare also has a Geotechnical Laboratory certified by the Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories (CCIL). The Geotechnical division was established to support the construction industry and complement the company’s core businesses of QA/QC and NDT Services. The laboratory focuses on testing concrete and soil as well as sieve analysis, geotechnical investigations, quality control for and monitoring aggregate testing for crushing operations.

We spoke recently with Metalcare CEO Muthu Palanisamy on how his focus on customer service and client satisfaction has made his company successful.

“We treat our people right,” Mr. Palanisamy explains, simply. “The quality of service we provide is as good as the people we have and treating our employees right is a most critical and integral part of our business; I am proud of how many people are wanting to be in our team and seeing the value in being part of us, rather than just numbers.”

With a background in Quality Assurance, Consulting and Testing, Mr. Palanisamy started the company in 2005 as a bit of a one-man-band before adding on more employees; the company has since grown to have 125 staff members throughout the province.

“We’ve added people from different backgrounds, different skill sets and brought their unique skills to the table,” Mr. Palanisamy says. “Everyone has something to offer, and we try to see how we can capitalize on the special and unique skills they have as well as providing help to them when needed; we try to put as much as effort it needed to sell to the people to do what we want them to do because they want to do it for their own good. When people are in a difficult situation or working with a challenging project, we provide unconditional support in order for them to succeed as an individual.”

To this end, Metalcare works to create a positive, safe and secure environment that emphasizes personal growth and opportunity through the utilization of the diversified talents of its employees. “We don’t let our employees fail, and we make sure our clients trust us,” says Mr. Palanisamy. “These are the core values that we believe in at Metalcare and we live by.”

Instilling the value of providing support to employees and clients alike comprises a significant part of the company’s culture. After all, “when people come in for work, they should all enjoy what they’re doing,” says Mr. Palanisamy. If you’re working 8 to 10 hours per day, go home for a few hours before you sleep and start the next day, most people are working most of their lives. People should enjoy what they do; otherwise, they shouldn’t be there.

“Whenever we hire people to work for Metalcare, we make sure that they understand our culture in order to carry the torch on our behalf for satisfying clients. I see all 125 of our employees as salespeople who represent our company.” Indeed, Mr. Palanisamy feels that the best way of instilling a sense of the company’s values in employees is to treat them in kind and instil the comfort that, he says, “we will be there for them with unconditional support at the time of need; the employees, in turn, embody and express these values to the end customer.

“When people and our clients have a good impression of our management and our team, they know that they can depend on Metalcare to provide the service they need. They can count on us 100 percent. Not 95, not 96, but 100 percent.”

This level of commitment to service has earned the company a long list of blue chip clients since launching in 2005. Clients include Bird Construction, Canadian Natural Resources Ltd, Jacobs Industrial, ExxonMobil, PCL, Singapore Refining Company, Suncor Energy, URS Flint and Willbros.

The company continues to enjoy ongoing growth, as well. Some recent achievements include annual revenue growth from $16 to 25 million between 2011 and 2012 and ISO 9001:2008 certification for its quality management system. Metalcare also recently opened a client staffing service in Calgary with the name of Professionalcare Staffing Inc.

Additional achievements include a number of professional memberships, having its Quality Management System approved by the Alberta Boiler Safety Association (ABSA), and making Alberta’s Fast 50 Growth List – the only company in the Fort McMurray area to do so.

Of course, no company can thrive without a strong emphasis on safety, and Mr. Palanisamy cites this as an important part of the company’s corporate philosophy and culture. To keep safety top of mind, Metalcare provides ongoing safety education and training for its employees as well as safety program monitoring to record any incidents. This commitment to safety extends to caring for the wellbeing of employees, and to this end the company offers a comprehensive Healthcare Benefit Program, drug and alcohol testing, and an annual vision screening service.

Metalcare is an Associate Member of the Alberta Construction Safety Association and has been awarded with a Certificate of Recognition (COR) by Alberta Human Resources & Employment (AHRE) and Alberta Construction Safety Association based on successful audits of the company’s safety program.

In this economy, no successful business is without its challenges, and Mr. Palanisamy explains that the biggest challenge facing Metalcare at present is finding the right people who share the company’s values and culture. This challenge, he says, “can be seen as an opportunity because other companies in the oil and gas industry have similar issues with finding people.”

Going forward, Metalcare is planning for acquisitions and continued growth as well as focusing on providing services for small and medium businesses to help them grow.

Mr. Palanisamy concludes by emphasizing that treating people right and making sure the company’s actions are helping someone is what ultimately drives the success of Metalcare Group. “When I do something, my action should help make someone’s life easier, else I shouldn’t be doing it at all,” he says. “As a team, as a group or as a community at large that’s what we should all be doing, so that everyone will meet each others’ needs and complement each other with what we are best at it. I see myself as a facilitator of opportunities and a supporter, rather than a boss.”

July 16, 2018, 6:46 AM EDT

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