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These things are tested and true, and will always hold a certain broad appeal, even if they may not be used in such volume as they were in years past. Even before the newspaper as such existed, in the 17th century, governments would circulate bulletins and edicts that would keep the people in the know. The first documented use of an organized courier service for the diffusion of written documents was in Egypt, where the Pharaohs would send out decrees to all the people who lived within their territories.

Of course when I think of a newspaper, I think of the young boys or girls standing on the street corner at the turn of the century with their fingerless gloves and tattered clothing while shouting “Extra, Extra! Man catches monster in the Ottawa River! Read all about it!” The day of the newsie may be behind us, but the call of the newspaper endures.

Today of course, we don’t have to walk to the street corner to get a paper; for that matter, we don’t have to go outside to get a pizza – there is a courier for just about everything. We are accustomed to having things available to us instantly, and the selling feature of the newspaper is that it is a constant; it always has exactly what we are looking for and it knows its business – to deliver the news with a side of entertainment.

At the heart of all, there stands a company that makes it possible for the newspapers of today to get to where they are needed. Kendrew Distribution is the company that makes it possible for us to have our newspaper and coffee in the morning. Indeed, if you are in the greater Toronto area and you read a major newspaper, it’s very likely that it was delivered by Kendrew.

The company started about 25 years ago, but it was a little over 19 years ago when Gano Chatterpaul joined the company, and it had just been awarded the distribution contract for the Toronto Star.

“That’s how I got started,” says Gano (now part owner), “and we’ve grown to become the largest independent newspaper distribution company in Ontario.” The company currently services over 700,000 residential addresses each week.

The company has carved out a niche for itself in the market by always working as a strong, dedicated team. Lloyd Service, majority owner, emphasises that the company’s philosophy has always been to promote professionalism and to strive to give its employees and contractors the right tools to motivate them to be successful, and more importantly, treat everyone with respect. A good number of companies that make their way by delivering a product will often give a set of basic instructions to the employee and little else; these basic instructions, however, do not incorporate any kind of customer service knowhow. Customer service in newspaper delivery, however, is important, stresses Gano; it’s a product which you pay for, so professionalism should be a must.

“It’s all about working together as a team and constantly looking ahead for cutting edge innovations. We like to encourage any new business in the industry because we are not just into door to door deliveries; we also distribute papers to dealer accounts who in turn sell the product to the end user for retail prices. We have over a thousand dealers and vending boxes, and we provide trucking and warehousing services to our newspaper customers. In addition, we hand insert approximately 200,000 sections weekly based on special advertising zones.”

The company provides a full service to those who need help from the distribution / logistics universe. With a team of over 700 individuals, Kendrew is committed to meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

According to Gano, “We like to refer to our customer service group as professionals; we spend a lot of time training them because we are a very customer service oriented company – it’s our number one product. We take time to train them, we make sure to monitor their progress and create a culture where people are happy and motivated because motivation is key. It’s very important; we want to make sure that our employees and drivers enjoy their daily work experience at the company.”

To show appreciation to its loyal employees, Kendrew holds events (lunches, coffee and donuts, birthday parties and cake cutting, etc.) for many special occasions. With more than 700 contractors delivering products, the amazing network of people that are needed to make this company run is incredible – no doubt a daunting task for any company to take on daily, and yet it happens smoothly and in a way that has enabled the business to grow consistently.

Going forward, Gano does foresee the newspaper market losing some of its readership to internet, but assures us that newspapers will never go out of style. The market is still quite strong, he says, with more and more publications being brought into the market each year. Kendrew has been able to increase its overall circulation through multiple product distribution (drivers delivering multiple products).

Over the past 10 years, Kendrew has also been involved in a number of environmental cart distribution projects. It has delivered garbage carts, recycling carts and organic carts of various sizes to approximately 2.5 million households in Ontario.

In the very near future, Kendrew will be launching a new distribution service aimed at contractors in the construction industry. The company, Bold Services, will be a mobile device-friendly, online store that offers construction products, as well as materials that can be purchased online and delivered directly to the job site. The company will offer everything that could possibly be needed by a contractor or a consumer for their renovation needs. “The website for Bold Services, our online shopping division, is being developed under the guidance of Mitch Service, one of the owners. Through digital media, the company would be able reach out to the new wave of online shoppers.

“We will also have some contractors working for us,” explains Gano. “Our goal is to be able to supply them with whatever they need, right on site. We are going to provide a one stop shop for all construction needs, no matter what the project is.”

The construction distribution website is planned to launch at the end of April; right now the IT professionals are on board and adding all of the products to the system, making sure that measurements can be inputted and stored along with any other specifics that may be needed for products to be delivered.

Lloyd Service has launched another off-shoot company called Bold Real Estate Inc.; Gano Chatterpaul is registered as the Broker of record. Real Estate Council of Ontario issued the Certificate of Registration on March 28, 2013. Bold Real Estate Inc. intends to reach out to other licensed real estate companies and work through its referral network to satisfy the needs of its clients.

“I have a background in real estate and construction,” explains Gano, “and we are looking to grow aggressively within the next several years. We don’t just want to grow within the newspaper industry; we also want to grow within these other large markets as well. Opportunity is huge, and it just makes sense because it ties in with what we are currently doing with logistics.”

July 16, 2018, 6:47 AM EDT

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