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Constellation HomeBuilder Systems

“We’re the only company that can service a client from ten custom homes to over 5,000,” says Dexter Salna, President of Constellation HomeBuilder Systems. Working with home builders who have produced upwards of 10,000 homes per year, Constellation provides a range of intuitive, advanced, and highly functional software solutions to manage all aspects of any home building business of any size. The company’s smart systems allow its many clients to focus on the most important task of all: building quality homes for their customers.

By working hand-in-hand with home builders, facilitating user groups and conferences to gather feedback and educate customers, and carefully listening to and implementing client suggestions, Constellation is able to bring to market a range of upgrades, new functionalities and enhancements. In this way, products and solutions receive continual support, products are enhanced, and home builders are getting high-quality products custom-tailored to their exact needs.

“At Constellation, we are able to match the product to the size of the builder, and it proves to be a good strategy,” says Mr. Salna of the company, which continues to work closely with home builders to define enhancements they would like to see in the company’s products. At Constellation HomeBuilder Systems, the company doesn’t “dream-up functionality,” a downfall that accompanies some of its competitors who do not involve the end users in the design of products. “That’s how we bring products to market; we bring things to our customers that they can actually use.”

As the largest provider of tailored homebuilding software and website solutions in North America, Constellation has helped thousands of customers manage virtually all aspects of their business over the years. By utilizing the company’s comprehensive suite of fully integrated software solutions, home builders benefit from sophisticated information technology, websites and online marketing, sales and customer relationship management, land development, scheduling, estimating and purchasing, accounting and business intelligence, warranty and customer service.

Growth through Innovation
Through technological leadership, close customer interaction and ongoing investment and acquisitions, Constellation HomeBuilder Systems has become known in the industry for its quality solutions, product enhancement, and superior ongoing customer support. “We segment our different products and invest according to the market size, so it is good for us and home builders alike,” explains Mr. Salna. “Our competitors – if they try to compete with us at all ends – run into a problem of not having the same amount of development and support resources as we do. And they have to try and fit one product to every home builder.”

With thousands of builders using the company’s software solutions, Constellation can help home builders of any size streamline their business and increase productivity. An integral part of the Constellation Software Inc. (CSI) family, CSI continues to be a leading provider of software and services to a select group of public and private sector markets. Founded in 1995, CSI has been built through acquisition and highly successful management, and provides businesses with industry-specific software solutions to meet the needs of all customers.

With a large and diverse customer base in excess of 30,000 in more than 30 countries, the company is built on a solid foundation of growth and innovation. With its headquarters in Toronto, Canada and offices in North America, Europe and Australia, Constellation Software has over 4,500 employees generating consolidated revenues exceeding US $800 million.

Publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (CSU:TSX), CSI enjoys ongoing success with a market capitalization of over $2.5 billion, and has garnered the respect of its clients and staff. “We are by far the largest supplier of software to home builders,” comments Mr. Salna. “We have a 40 percent market share of the Top 200 home builders in the United States, and we have an even larger market share in Canada.”

A part of Constellation at its inception 18 years ago when the company made its first acquisition, Trapeze Software, Mr. Salna holds an engineering degree from the University of Toronto, a Master of Science degree from Stanford, and an MBA from Harvard. In 2004, the team acquired the companies Newstar, FAST and Computers for Tracts, creating Constellation HomeBuilder Systems at a time when the home building industry was at its peak. In the years to follow, other successful acquisitions were made, such as BuildSoft and Builder360, followed by Builder1440, BuildTopia, and a number of other products.

With many companies under its umbrella, the team was challenged with how to provide a number of different systems to one customer base, so they set about segmenting their market into small, medium, and large, creating appropriate, cost-effective customized solutions for clients of all sizes.

“Because of the breadth and depth of the products, we prefer to do personal assessments,” says Lauren Hughes, Marketing Specialist at the company. Unlike some of its competitors who hand out demos on CD or make potential customers watch a video, Constellation HomeBuilder Systems ensures every single client gets a specialized solution which will integrate seamlessly with their needs. “We like to have one-on-one conversations with home builders and assess their needs depending on how many homes they build, who hosts the information, and how and where they build. Then we can recommend a system that is right for them and their specific needs,” says Mr. Hughes.

End-to-End Solutions
Since Constellation’s solutions are unique to clients, there is no “unboxing” of software as the company provides end-to-end technology solutions specifically tailored for the unique needs of home builders. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems from Constellation integrate valuable business information across an entire organization through accounting, scheduling, sales and service, and provide complete home builder solutions from website to warranty.

To determine the needs of builders of all sizes, the company provides a complimentary consultation with a home building software expert. Unlike some competitors who believe “one size fits all,” Constellation integrates functionality into its solutions to assist in all areas. These include websites and online marketing, sales, scheduling, estimating and purchasing, accounting and business intelligence, warranty and customer service, and more. Constellation meets the needs of all clients as they grow, including production, custom, and multi-family residential builders, remodelers, and land developers.

With the knowledge that all home builders are different, Constellation offers a range of innovative software products. For those who produce fewer than 50 homes per year there is HomeDev Pro. A new product developed over several years, all home builders need is a web browser and Excel, and they are off and working. For mid-size builders creating 50 to 150 homes annually and specializing in one division or product, there is BuildTopia, which is a complete SaaS (Software as a Service) system. For larger builders who create over 100 homes per years and wish to expand to 5,000 or more, there are NEWSTAR and FAST.

Realizing home builders are constantly on the move, on a site, at the sales office, or with a supplier, contractor or client, Constellation provides solutions that can be accessed from any location, on almost any device. All information is securely encrypted, and the company continually keeps pace with the latest platforms and Internet browsers, from laptops to desktops, iPads to tablets, Smartphones to iPhones, and more.

“We continue to enhance our products through new technologies, improve the user interface, and make Constellation products a true investment for all of our customers,” says Mr. Salna. “At Constellation, we have been able to maintain and evolve our products, which are complete systems from end to end. So if you are a home builder, you can get your website from us, go and do your sales, warranty, payroll, accounts payable processing, purchase orders, scheduling – it’s a true system that gives the builder one throat to choke.”

July 21, 2018, 3:39 AM EDT

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