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Guest Controls started in the market back in 1978 with around 14 employees providing oilfield instrumentation, and soon expanding its operations into supplying and installing burners. The company soon handled all aspects of installation, servicing and calibration. In 2006, the government began enforcing its existing regulations which dealt with the field approval of fuel-related components on appliances and equipment. The rules meant that oil field companies had to finally start conforming to the standards for natural gas burning oil heating burners.

This change within the industry was a great opening for any company that had experience with these types of burners and so Guest’s expansion continued. According to Chad Guest, President of Guest Controls, “The Government told the oil field owners that they had to start following what’s known as B149.3, which is a CSA standard, and with that it opened up a lot of opportunities for companies like ours with burner experience, and so we started being able to sell products that we had which were now becoming economically feasible. In 2006, we expanded to about 45 people and in 2007 – 2008 we grew up to around 75.”

Guest Controls had outgrown its first building by 2008 and built a brand new 4000 square foot shop on a three acre site just outside of Lloydminster. By 2010, both shops were over capacity and new facilities were needed again. In the spring of 2011, the company moved into its current 20,000 square foot shop. Operations have also been expanded into Kerrobert, Saskatchewan where a satellite facility houses six employees, and the company is looking to expand into the Bonnyville area.

Currently, Guest Controls has just under 100 employees with around 45 trucks in the field and a great knack for bringing tank heaters up to code. The business has also expanded its operations to include other installations and construction work. As well, the company is fully qualified to install SCADA system components. “We’ve grown the burner industry from the beginning when there were just three burner companies in town. We were the under dogs and now we are the largest tank heater burner company in this area,” says Chad.

In charge of the day to day operations, Fred Sirett constantly makes sure that what needs to be done is done and that all of the company’s customers are looked after. The company has built a strong reputation within the industry due to its unique take on customer service. Each oil field company is assigned a senor technician to address daily issues see how things are operating. The agent providing the phone call is the same person in charge of performing the actual work on the customer site when needed. Customers will always have a personal contact who is fully up to date on all the specifics of the operation.

Guest Controls burners are designed and manufactured at the Lloydminster location with the help of an off-site welder. All of the designs are original and the housings are supplied by a long time supplier that manufactures custom housings. According to Chad, the company makes three different models. The basic Firelight is a small natural draft burner with a flame arrestor, a pre-heater and a burner while the Cyclofire is a small forced air burner. “We have another called the Firestorm which is the newest industry innovation for the oil field,” he explains.

The Firestorm can be particularly helpful for companies that have yet to upgrade their tank heaters for the new regulations by making the installation faster and less expensive. There is no need to empty and steam the tank that’s being upgraded and instead of having to weld the ‘hot box’ unit onto the side of the tank, it’s mounted on the bottom of the burner unit that is already installed. This setup keeps the cost and the time needed to upgrade old tanks to a minimum while delivering excellent performance and reliability. “It’s actually pre-assembled and tested in the shop, so when it gets to the field all the installer has to do is bolt it up and then bring gas and electricity to it which can be done in about four hours as compared to the base model, which is the Firelight and can take up to eight hours to install.

“From there the customer has options for about three different types of controllers,” explains Chad. “We have a Profire 2100 controller which is purchased out of the city, and then we have two of our own that we manufacture here from scratch; one’s called the reset box and the other is the I-Fire controller.” The company not only provides brand name controllers for installation, it has programmers and engineers who design and manufacture custom controls that are better and more cost effective than many industry standard controls.

Guest Controls has the expertise to look after all of the instrumentation as well as related support. Journeyman gas fitters, instrumentation technicians and electricians are on staff for all installation and service needs. There aren’t many other companies that can offer so many services under one roof, as similar businesses tend to deal only with burners. “When a technician goes to install a burner in the field, there is only about 30 percent of the work that’s actually burner work (gas fitting) and the rest is electrical or instrumentation. So you need to have power wires run from the battery supply which is 12 volts DC; they have to hook up all the level switches along with all the hardware that goes with the burner to control it and there is also the SCADA system that sometimes needs to be hooked up. All of the other burner companies have to outsource anything that isn’t gas fitting or else they will have to partner with another company that will need to be there for electrical and instrumentation. I have everyone I need on staff so we can do everything ourselves.

“Our technical prowess of course is very good because we design and build our own stuff; we know our stuff inside and out,” concludes Chad. There will never be a need to go back to the manual or to the manufacturer because the installation and maintenance company is the manual as well as the manufacturer. Guest Controls truly is a one-stop shop.

June 24, 2018, 2:48 AM EDT

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