Creating the Perfect Space

Cordell’s Design

The team works hand in hand with customers to help them create stunning interior spaces – whether or not customers realize that they have the artistic flair required. Through careful consultation, high tech software, and engaging visuals, Cordell’s Design is able to draw out the unique vision that each customer has for his or her interior space.

Twenty full time interior designers offer creative design solutions to a wide range of clients, including private homeowners, builders, retailers, and business owners. The company has been decorating Calgary’s homes and businesses for nearly thirty years and has grown to become one of the area’s largest and best known players in the interior design and finishing industry.

A customer’s journey toward creating the ideal space begins in the company’s vast showroom, which measures in at over 6,000 square feet. If clients are unable to come to the showroom, or if they simply need to be in their own place to truly visualize the end result, Cordell’s Design also provides a complimentary shop-at-home service that brings a designer right to a customer’s door. While shop-at-home services are convenient, the showroom gives potential customers an opportunity to browse a wider selection of elegant and innovative decor choices, from window coverings, wallpapers and fabrics to flooring, bedding and countertops. The team also recently added a new area rug display, granite display kitchen, steamroom, and bathroom elements to the showroom to ensure that visitors can find something that relates to their particular project and fits their personal style.

The showroom is designed to engage the public and encourage interaction with the design team so that even the most hesitant or overwhelmed amateur designer can find inspiration and ideas. Visualizing a new space can be daunting, so the team utilizes state-of-the-art software to show clients exactly how their fabrics and finishes will come together to create the look they want. With hundreds of fabrics and countless combinations to choose from, this service can mean the difference between a lovely, well-coordinated space and a mismatched disaster. Designers also use their own experience and expertise to help customers choose the best selections and to carefully walk them through each stage of the design process, from consultation and selection through to delivery. The end result is a unique, custom made space that brings each client’s individual vision to life.

Cordell’s Design keeps an edge over the competition by maintaining a custom manufacturing facility right beside its main showroom. Custom manufacturing is a key part of the team’s services and enables clients to create the exact, one-of-a-kind look that they envision. Having this facility conveniently located on site also allows for careful monitoring and quality control, as well as timely shipments. In fact, the team is so confident of its custom manufactured products that they offer a lifetime warranty on all of the materials that they produce.

Cordell’s Design offers design services and finishes for virtually any interior space. The business is geared toward families and individuals, but the company also has a number of larger projects under its belt. In fact, the business is structured to cover the full gamut of customer needs. Private homeowners can engage the team for help with a minor project such as designing a simple kitchen backsplash, or they can count on the designers to support them through a complete renovation of their home. A number of business owners rely on Cordell’s Design to help them create the ideal retail or office space. Some of the company’s largest projects have involved putting together multiple show homes for builders and developers.

With such a wide variety of interiors to design and customers to dazzle, the team must offer a vast assortment of products. Indeed, being able to cater to each customer’s individual taste and creative vision has been key to the company’s long term success. Cordell’s Design boasts a stunning array of luxury fabrics, from elegant silks to textured upholstery. Wallpaper is making a comeback, and the company supplies a wide assortment of options in the most up-to-date patterns and designs. The choices for flooring and window treatments are extensive and may require more than a little investigating.

Anyone who has ever walked across a room knows that, no matter what the space, finding the right flooring is crucial. Tile and natural stone flooring have become increasingly trendy in recent years; classic hardwood flooring is another popular option. A less well known choice is cork flooring, which is made from the bark of the Cork Oak tree. This special material must be painstakingly harvested by hand from trees that are at least a quarter of a century old. Remarkably, the trees can survive being stripped of bark every decade or so and will live through several harvests.

For a more versatile and budget friendly alternative, Cordell’s Design offers hundreds of lino selections. This resilient sheet flooring has no cracks or crevices to catch dirt or moisture – perfect for rooms that must endure high levels of traffic or water exposure. Laminate products are another versatile, budget friendly option. This flooring has textured finishing that can realistically mimic the look of wood, stone, or marble and may be installed in planks, blocks, or squares to produce a customized design. Area rugs add an eye-catching accent over any of these flooring options, so the company stocks them in a wide range of sizes, patterns, colors, and textures. A last, and completely different flooring option, is wall to wall carpeting. Varying textures, colors, and patterns of carpet can give any room a unique touch. More importantly, carpet can be an environmentally friendly option because it saves energy by retaining warm air longer than bare surfaces.

Windows are another key design element with a mind boggling number of treatment options. Wooden blinds add a rich, natural warmth to an interior space. UV resistant custom shutters are also available, and come in a range of styles. Vertical blinds can now provide a safe, reasonable option for many homes, as new technology has replaced the features that used to pose choking hazards. Designer screens, available in a range of opacities, protect furnishings from damaging ultraviolet rays yet still allow visibility. The classically elegant roman shade can dress up any room. Cordell’s Design also offers pleated shades in multiple fabrics, textures, patterns, colors, and opacities, or with a backing for additional privacy. The newest generation of roller shades is another choice. These are not the old fashioned, intensely frustrating kind that were nearly impossible to raise or lower; today’s roller shades have a much improved chain drive mechanism, making them a viable option for discerning customers. A good many of these window coverings may even be motorized using batteries or electricity as the power source. This motorization may be included as part of the overall lighting or home automation system. There are also a number of design options beyond privacy shades and blinds that add a splash of color and pizzazz. Cornices and valances are positioned at the top of a window for a decorative accent; draperies and swags add a sweep of elegance and formality to almost any window. Finding the right decorative rod and finial can be as important as choosing the right drape, so eye-catching drapery hardware is also offered in many styles and materials, including cast metals, aluminum, and natural wood.

Cordell’s Design provides finishes for nearly every interior space. From wallpaper to flooring to window treatments, the design team has any room covered. And with a manufacturing facility in-house, customers can custom order a product to meet their unique needs. Perhaps most importantly, the company’s dedicated interior design team encourages customers to channel their inner artist to create their own, one-of-a-kind space. Indeed, with Cordell’s assistance, anyone can turn a bland interior into a stunning masterpiece.

June 19, 2018, 8:04 AM EDT

A Proactive Approach to Resolving a Longstanding Debate

About forty skilled Central and South American workers from Ecuador, Peru, Columbia and Costa Rica came to British Columbia, Canada as temporary foreign workers (TFWs) in 2006. This story incited Labourers’ International Union of North America (LiUNA) call for reforms to Canada’s TFW program (TFWP) and the International Mobility Program (IMP). LiUNA, a powerful voice within the construction industry with over half a million members – 110,000 of whom are in Canada – has been the only Canadian union to address the issue.