Getting it Right the First Time

Allied Marine & Industrial Inc.

With the company motto, “Superior Craftsmanship Through Superior Personnel,” company President and CEO Bob Mitchell is enormously proud of Allied’s 60-strong staff. “When you look at the value considerations against the quality of work, we are, quite frankly, the best,” he says of the company and its 24-hours per day, 365 days a year service.

Employing a team of highly trained professional licensed engineers, marine engineers, mechanical and welding engineers, millwrights, machinists, tool and die makers, electricians, TSSA & CWB certified welders, crane operators and bearing and power transmission specialists, Allied Marine & Industrial is a Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance ISO 9001:2008 certified company, and has only 0.02 percent rework on its audited numbers. “We do it once, we do it right, that’s it, period,” says Mr. Mitchell. “If you have one phone call to make, most people after a discussion will call Allied. At the end of the day, the bill is less.”

Committed to providing only the finest mechanical, machining, custom fabrication, manufacturing, field services, and the resultant products to the marine and industrial markets, Allied prides itself on meeting the needs and exact specifications of all customers on time while remaining cost-competitive.

Prior to Allied Marine & Industrial’s incorporation on November 23, 1997, President and CEO Bob Mitchell sailed on the Great Lakes for 17 years, the last 10 as a chief engineer, and has considerable marine engineering experience in the navy and working at dry docks. Making the decision, along with his wife, to raise a family, Mr. Mitchell decided it was time to stop sailing and come ashore, and dedicated himself to a business specializing in ship repair with a focus on marine engineering. Today, Allied provides technical services to both marine and land-based industries in Southern Ontario, with about 90 percent of its marine side business coming from the Great Lakes region of Canada and the United States.

Superior Staff and Technology

In order to best serve all marine-based and industrial clients, Allied has two locations, both in Port Colborne, Ontario. The main office and plant, at 118 West Street, sees the company carry out a variety of work, including machine shop operations and repair of machinery including turbines, turbochargers, rotating equipment, pumps, gearboxes and more. The company’s other location, at 1 Lake Road, is where many large size, sometimes multi-million-dollar fabrications take place, primarily for industrial customers. “One of the things we recently made was a rail car turner for CCR Technologies Inc., which is a very large piece of steel fabrication which actually unloads rail cars,” says Mr. Mitchell of the company, which takes on welding, machining, and actual fabrication, with products going out its doors turnkey.

At Allied Marine & Industrial, the company is able to offer a comprehensive, modern line of machining, fabricating and field service equipment to all its clients. Services include conveyor component manufacturing, laser alignments, millwright work, machining, marine engineering services, overhauls of gearboxes, fluid drives, turbines, diesel engines and pumps, plant maintenance, machinery repair and installation, custom fabrication, and a range of quality, on-site services.

With a commitment to providing all customers with products which are cost-effective and free from defects, Allied is dedicated to working within budgetary constraints and delivering on time while providing and maintaining a safe working environment for all employees and clients. While the company will work on repairs in its shop, oftentimes equipment is too large to move, requiring Allied specialists to perform maintenance in situ, in a plant or on a vessel. No matter the location, workplace safety has been, and always will be, a top priority for Allied. Prior to the commencement of a project, the company’s on-site supervisor holds a safety meeting to review workplace specific hazards. Additionally, the company holds regular monthly meetings to reinforce safe work habits, along with quarterly meetings with Allied’s Joint Health and Safety Committee members and workers.

Like many companies engaged in marine and industrial work, concern for the environment is a top priority. At Allied, business is conducted in a way which respects environmental concerns and supports the principles of sustainable development. “Through responsible environmental management of our business activities, we strive to eliminate any adverse impact to the environment, our community, and our customers,” says the company. “AMI’s facilities are certified by the Ministry of the Environment for air and noise emissions.”

Major Rebuilds and Overhauls

The company’s skilled staff is known for its strengths when it comes to performing specialty work and reverse engineering. With a full-service machine shop, the company’s trained technicians have all the necessary tools and equipment required to test and repair modern and legacy rotating machinery, from root cause failure analysis to complete overhauls. “We are the eastern Canada repair shop for Siemens Westinghouse,” comments Mr. Mitchell, “so from Winnipeg east in Canada, we’re the go-to for turbine overhauls, turbine accessory overhauls, casing overhauls, and more.”

Additionally, when it comes to performing comprehensive repair and overhaul services for industrial turbochargers, Allied’s strength is second to none. Along with being the authorized repair facility for Kompressorenbau Bannewitz GmbH (KBB) in eastern Canada, Allied services units from most original equipment manufacturers, such as ABB, Napier, MAN, and many others. Allied also carries a wide selection of new, reconditioned, and used parts at attractive price points for its customers.

In addition to performing equipment removal, installation, and on-site repairs and refurbishment, Allied staff is highly skilled when it comes to working on older pieces of marine and industrial-related machinery. In many cases, new items are just not available, and replacement is costly and requires upstream and downstream components. To save clients money, Allied technicians have the know-how and tools to give new life to aging equipment. “It is important to have a core understanding of the equipment, because sometimes you need to reverse-manufacture, or take something that has basically come to the end of its life cycle and re-create it, or re-create a new portion of life cycle,” explains Mr. Mitchell.

Working with Partners

With a focus on superior craftsmanship and the latest equipment, Allied Marine & Industrial’s multi-skilled staff is the heart and soul of the company. Preferring to invest in quality, the company doesn’t have any sales people, and instead develops repeat business opportunities through its word of mouth reputation. Allied has formed many solid business relationships over the years with well-known companies, including multi-trade contractor Black & McDonald – who provides a range of integrated electrical, mechanical, utility and maintenance services to government, industrial, commercial and institutional markets. A leading edge company known for its reliable service, Allied is particularly proud of this strong relationship.

“We provide specialized tooling for the nuclear industry to Black & McDonald,” says Mr. Warren Jones of B&M, who recently won a sole-source contract with E.S. Fox for the refurbishment of Pickering and Darlington Nuclear Power Stations. Both owned by Ontario Power Generation, the stations boast a combined generating capacity of around 6 600 megawatts, and are critical to meeting Ontario’s electricity needs. Senior staff at Black & McDonald were familiar with Allied and its many capabilities, “and realized that we were a go-to for this type of work,” comments Mr. Mitchell.

Providing superior and cost-effective craftsmanship, Allied Marine & Industrial’s skilled staff is dedicated to continuous improvement, the finest possible customer service, and doing the job right the first time. Currently bringing in new, large-scale CNC machinery, Allied is poised to take advantage of opportunities in the Ring of Fire, the oil sands expansion, and to repatriate some of the opportunity that has gone outside of the southwestern economic zone. For this Port Colborne-based business, the future of serving marine and land-based industries in the Great Lakes region of Canada and the U.S. is bright.

July 22, 2018, 2:53 AM EDT

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