Cultivating Success

While financial success is vital to the survival of any business, it is the culture of a company that makes survival and longevity viable.

The Importance of Workplace CultureThe Importance of Workplace Culture

Bilateral Trade with China

Bilateral trade, simply explained, is the exchange of goods between two countries under an established framework aimed at minimizing trade deficits faced by countries in our globalized market economy. These agreements are treaties, established to facilitate trade and maintain and support these commercial relationships.

What FIPA Means for Canada

Supreme Service to Clients and the Community

If you are going to give your company a name and include the word “Supreme,” you had best know what you’re doing, and do it well. Supreme Steel, part of the Supreme Group, is the largest privately owned steel construction company in Canada, and the largest steel fabricator and erector in Western Canada and for the past two years Supreme has been the largest Iron Worker employer in Canada. Suffice it to say the firm is certainly worthy of having “Supreme” in its name – but the company’s story goes a lot further than that.

Supreme Group

A Jewel on the Canadian Prairies

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Mayor Glenn Hagel refers to his city as, “A big small town.” As mayor for three years, and MLA for the city for 21 years, Glenn knows Moose Jaw. With a population of 35,000, his city has a bright economic future in many sectors, not the least of which is mining.

Moose Jaw

Hidden Systems for Better Living

Few of us really understand how important it is to have noise control technology. It is something that is difficult to gauge, because if it is functioning properly you simply won’t notice it. There are many diverse aspects to noise control, and businesses in the field typically cater to a particular niche within it. Kinetics Noise Control, however, works with almost every aspect of noise control, and has been doing so since 1958.

Kinetics Noise Control

Strong as Steel

When you go out into your yard and look at the small metal building that you had constructed a few years back, it might seem like a simple thing to put together. After all, it’s small, all the pieces were delivered on the back of a truck and it all went up in a couple of days.

JDG Construction

Labrador City

“There’s gold in them thar hills!” exclaims Mulberry Sellers, Mark Twain’s character in The American Claimant. In a similar vein, if he was so inclined, Albert Low, a geologist with the Canadian Geological Survey, could have jubilated, “There’s ore in those hills,” when discovering iron formations along the Labrador Trough in 1892.

Iron Ore Capital of Canada

The Work Speaks for Itself

In 1989, a company called Tiki Engineering was just opening its doors in Bosnia. As it happened, the company didn’t have much of a future where it was due to the war that broke out with Yugoslavia. In 1994, owner Radenko Vujadinovic made the difficult decision to move his loved ones and his livelihood to Canada in the hopes of a brighter future.

Tiki International

Beyond Building

Since 1961, Taplen Commercial Construction has been building and renovating many well-recognised and functional buildings in the Ottawa area. With a rich history in the region, the medium-sized company has made its name delivering quality results to the highest of standards, on time and on budget, and has built a reputation in the industry for honesty, integrity and fairness.

Taplen Commercial Construction

Celebrating 150 Years

Orangeville is a vibrant community, a town of expansion and growth and the envy of many small municipalities. Located on the edge of the GTA and in the heart of south central Ontario, Orangeville offers all the amenities of an urban centre while retaining the small town charm that endears it to all who visit.

Town of Orangeville

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