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With a company history spanning over eight decades, John Petrachek chuckles when he remembers finding an old business licence for his roofing business a number of years ago. “I think Atlas was the third company to get a business license in Toronto,” he says. “It was definitely below 10.”

Combining Expertise and Technology

Honest Work and Expert Ability

Sierra Construction was originally launched as a heavy civil construction company in 1994. A few years later, Founder and President Cliff Zaluski saw an opportunity to expand into the building sector. The Ontario based company has been growing steadily ever since, and annual revenues have increased from $1.5 million in 1994 to more than $35 million in 2008.

Sierra Construction

In the Heart of the Rockies

The world is full of fascinating and unique places that many people may never have heard of. Agawa Canyon in the Algoma district of Northern Ontario, Makena Beach in Maui, and the Ice hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden are but a few examples of this. But just because you may not have heard of it, does not mean that you should not seek it out.

Rimrock Resort Hotel

A Reputation for Reliability

In order to cater to any high-end market a business must strive to be efficient and effective. But it also takes a bit of luck, being in the right place at the right time. Northway Construction can be seen as an example of this.

Northway Construction

Keeping Things Comfortable For Over 100 Years

Canadian underwear leader Stanfield’s was established in 1856 when Charles Stanfield immigrated to Prince Edward Island from Britain. In 1882, Stanfield’s settled on its current site in Truro where the company stands to this day some 130 years later.

Stanfield’s Limited

A Stampeding Success

Just as a devastating fire leaves behind ashes which provide fertilizer for new growth, adversity in business can help lay the groundwork for new opportunities. Penny Lane Entertainment and its president Paul Vickers have had to deal with this kind of adversity, but from the ashes of destruction, renewal and prosperity have taken its place.

Penny Lane Entertainment Group

McKeil Marine

Our society is heavily reliant on a substance that is not renewable; it comes from the ground and can take thousands of years for the earth to create. We burn oil in several forms for myriad purposes; if there is something out there that doesn’t burn oil, we can be assured that it took oil to produce or transport. There is no getting around it; we use it for everything and anything, and our lives depend on it.

Saving the World, 300 to 500 Truckloads at a Time

Durability and Longevity

For over 40 years, Industrial Waterproof Systems Limited (IWS) has manufactured and installed durable, custom-designed hot applied rubberized roofing systems and roof restoration solutions for clients across Canada and worldwide.
With offices in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario, Industrial Waterproof Systems is wholly Canadian owned and operated. IWS is one of the most respected high-rise roof restoration professionals in the business, with literally hundreds of millions of square feet of the company’s membrane installed throughout Canada and around the globe.

Created in the late sixties in association with a German scientist, the company’s hot rubberized asphalt formula is today distributed throughout North America and affiliates abroad.

As a full-service company, Industrial Waterproof Systems creates solutions for all high-rise flat roofing, green roofing systems, and commercial/industrial waterproofing needs from initial investigation all the way to project completion. With a superior track record and a standard 10 year warranty to protect customers, IWS custom-creates and installs systems to meet exact client needs. With a team of professionals, the company has successfully delivered countless inverted roofing systems (in which the thermal insulating material is applied on top of the waterproof layer, thus protecting it from temperature changes) and roof restoration solutions to property owners, managers and construction firms – systems that have proven to be durable and have withstood the tests of time, rain, wind, snow, hail, and even physical damage.

Self-Healing Properties

In conventional flat roof systems, sheets of bitumen, fiberglass and polyester are overlapped, and the seams joined together with large flame-throwing torches. This “torch down roofing” method results in a large rubber sheet on a fiberglass base. While more attractive than a regular tar and gravel roof, these roofs have an average life span of about 15 years, are prone to damage, and can rip and damage the parapet wall.

With Industrial Waterproof Systems’ Roof-Shield Roof-Saver (RS) Base, hot rubberized asphalt is applied in a monolithic fashion on the substrate (wood with protection board, steel deck, or concrete deck), without the use of potentially dangerous torches. An inverted system with ballast reducing scrim (a woven textile that holds down the insulation allowing for less gravel ballast to be used), RS separation sheet between the waterproof layer and the insulation, reinforcing fabric and more makes the roof able to tolerate wear and tear, sunlight, and cold winter weather.

The hot rubberized asphalt is heated at ground level in a specially designed melting kettle and applied to the substrate using a squeegee-like applicator, ensuring that there are no voids in the membrane system. Bonding directly to the substrate eliminates any possibility of lateral water migration and most importantly, provides a seam-free membrane system over the entire roof capable of “self-healing” against minor damage that would allow for water infiltration and ruin conventional systems. Considerably thicker than conventional roof membranes, the patented IWS formula becomes sticky and melts together as temperatures rise, enabling it to adhere back together. “Unless you’re drilling right through the substrate, you’ll never have water coming through into your building,” says Paul R. Campbell, Manager of Business Development for the company. “Our systems have been on buildings well over 40 years, and we’ve never had to replace one.”

With the company’s systems found on the flat roofs of structures such as high-rise buildings, condominiums, and warehouses, it is not unusual for IWS to take on rooftops in excess of 50,000 square feet. In addition to their durability, roof systems from IWS offer numerous advantages over conventional flat roofing methods. For aging roofs, the company’s Roofsaver Restoration System provides excellent cost savings while providing a highly flexible, self-healing, monolithic membrane when bonded directly to a properly prepared existing system. Far more cost-effective than re-roofing involving a complete tear-off, the restoration system allows for the existing assembly to remain in place. Since the existing system, including insulation, remains in place and is not discarded into landfill, it is also kinder on the environment. Gravel is recycled and utilized in hot-mix paving operations, and metal flashing is either re-used if possible, or is recycled at an approved facility. For building owners and tenants alike, the restoration system creates far less disruption, dirt and debris than a complete roof tear-off, and can be completed in a reasonable amount of time.

A Range of Waterproofing Systems

Able to provide clients with a range of products, IWS offers the Roofsaver Insulated System, RS Heat Shield, RS Base, RS Reinforcing Fabric, insulation, and much more. The company’s Roofsaver Insulated System provides customers with exceptional durability and versatility while remaining lightweight and requiring minimal maintenance. Used both for new construction and re-roofing where complete tear-offs are required, the Roofsaver Insulated System is also ideal for thermal upgrades. Although the company has installed thousands of these systems, it takes a “square one” approach to all projects to guarantee a successful installation and another satisfied client.

With the company’s Protected Membrane Roof Assembly (PMR), the RS Base membrane and RS Separation Sheet are applied directly to a structural deck, with insulation, filter fabric and ballast then installed over top of the membrane. With this kind of assembly, the membrane is protected from mechanical damage, ultraviolet rays, and thermal cycling. The beauty of PMR is that – in the unlikely event the membrane is damaged to a point where a leak results – the membrane does not allow lateral water movement between itself and the substrate, and the leak is simple and easy to isolate and repair. Ideal for new construction and retrofit applications, the PMR system eliminates three main causes of roof failure and ensures worry-free performance for years to come. With the lowest life cycle cost of any mainstream complete system on the market today, some PMR systems installed by the company back in the sixties are still holding up after all these years.

“From what I’ve seen in the business, in Canada, our roofs are by far the best. I’ve yet to have anyone come up to me and show me something else [that can compare],” comments Mr. Campbell. “When it comes to our protective roof membrane system… I would expect the building’s use would end before our roof stopped performing well.”

Since Industrial Waterproof Systems began production over four decades ago, hot rubberized asphalt has been the system of choice for horizontal waterproofing. The elasticity of RS Base, its abilities to bond to substrate, along with seamless application and remarkable self-healing properties all integrate to create an extremely reliable, long-lasting system. The properties of RS Base to bond not only to horizontal surfaces but vertical surfaces as well – allowing for elevation changes, planter boxes, ramps and more – enables the waterproofing to continue to maintain a monolithic system. Additionally, once the system is installed, asphalt paving can be placed directly over the RS Protection Course. Concrete pavers or interlocking brick can be used to create terraces, patios, decks and walkways. In split slab construction, concrete can also be placed directly over the RS Protection Course, and even landscaping is possible, with soil and plants placed directly over the completed membrane system.

Factors for Success

At Industrial Waterproof Systems, all roofing project systems and installations are taken on as unique. From retrofit and restoration to new construction, the company takes pride in the quality of all its products and workmanship, from protected membrane roofs to restoration systems, podium decks, parking decks, and anything in between. With a 10 year guarantee and extended warranties available, the company’s commitment to its clients does not end when the project is complete; in fact, that is just the beginning. Often working with well-known property management companies, the majority of IWS’s business comes from repeat customers. For clients who own or manage a single building or a range of properties, Industrial Waterproof Systems Ltd. prides itself on providing nothing less than the best possible service.

“We get a lot of repeat business from customers who buy old buildings and are doing restoration work, and others who are constructing new buildings,” says Mr. Campbell. “And as long as other systems are in the marketplace, there will always be buildings to redo.”

Industrial Waterproof Systems Limited

Committed to Quality

Homan Roofing is a family owned and operated business that has built its success on the old school values of hard work, honesty, and respect for customers.

Homan Roofing

Energy for the Next Generation

The use of energy throughout the world has a huge impact on global ecological sustainability, whether it is fossil fuels, hydro electricity, wind energy, solar power or any other method used to create it. To achieve sustainability we must find more efficient ways to create and use the energy that we have now; the future depends on it.

Green and Clean Energy

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