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Brampton is a city that is growing and flourishing. Now the 9th largest city in Canada, with a growth rate of 4.2% per year, it expects to reach upwards of 725,000 people by the year 2030. In a growing economy there is always a need for a competent and capable residential and commercial renovator with a clean, modern showroom.

Caledon Tile, Bath and Kitchen Centre

The Importance of Business Reputation

The reputation of a business is essential to its survival. The trust and confidence of the consumer can have a direct and profound effect on a company’s bottom line. Recently, the importance of reputation has become increasingly apparent, as companies such as BP and Toyota have had to cultivate their responses to crises in order to maintain the reputation and standing of their companies to the world.

Business Reputation

A Democratic and Sustainable Approach to Socioeconomic Development

2012 is the International Year of Cooperatives, as declared by the United Nations General Assembly. What is a cooperative? How do they work? What are the benefits of joining a cooperative?


Building Ontario

Dating back pre-1939, the Ontario General Contractors Association, or OGCA, has evolved to become the leading advocate and service provider for Ontario’s construction industry. The association has proven to be a proactive organization that aggressively tackles the many issues and challenges faced by its members and the industry.


Turning Plans into Reality

DPI Construction Management was founded in 1999 by Rick Perin and Elvio DiSimone in Toronto; the acronym stands for Define, Plan, and Implement. The competition in construction is fierce, but DPI has enjoyed success due to its ability to strive for uniqueness and innovation within the industry.

DPI Construction Management

Restoration with Compassion

To operate in this field, one must hold the client’s needs as paramount. This is not just a business; this is a commitment to the entire community, one client at a time. We spoke with Owner and President Ken Malcolm about the responsibility that goes along with disaster restoration, and why it is so important to perform this task with integrity, decency, and accountability.

Total Restoration Services

Integrity and Innovation

Initially, the firm started with only seven employees, who largely focused on completing cadastral survey projects and small municipal engineering assignments. By 1995, the company had grown to 15 employees and the quality work it was doing earned Tulloch a reputation that secured a lead surveying role in the largest First Nation land survey in Ontario’s recent history, The Mississauga First Nation Indian Reserve near Blind River.

Tulloch Engineering

Worldwide Water Solutions

For over 50 years, Singer Valve Inc. has been one of the world’s most recognized and dependable providers of reliable and time-tested water control solutions.

Singer Valve Inc.

Building Success

Seagate Construction is a Halifax based design-build and construction management firm specializing in planning, designing, and constructing commercial and industrial buildings. The company has enjoyed rapid expansion since its inception eight years ago due to excellent customer service and a proven track record of delivering projects on time and within budget.

Seagate Construction

World Class Communications for the Most Challenging Environments

From the most extreme temperatures, to the most dangerous environments and the most remote communities, Norsat creates high quality, long-lasting solutions valued for their quality and field-tested performance.


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