The Xstrata Healthy Kids Initiative Offers Three Programs for Families

In addition to the program, a Queensland Health nutritionist will attend one activity per week to provide advice about nutrition to parents while their children play

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Martin Jetpack

Imagine that you are cruising across the centre of the Grand Canyon, a jetpack strapped on to your back and nothing but the beauty and majesty of the moment between you and the ground. This is no longer science fiction or fantasy, though it is the dream of Richard Lauder, CEO of The Martin Aircraft, now in the final stages of bringing to market the world’s first practical jetpack.

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A Clear View

When speaking of a building’s environmental sustainability, it has become common practice to describe its green “envelope. The outer shell of a building, separating the interior from what lies beyond, the envelope includes such elements as the roof, walls, foundation, and floors. All of these features can be “greened in various ways – and in previous issues we’ve explored both green roofs and living walls – yet the installation of windows is akin to punching giant holes in that envelope.

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January 24, 2019, 8:39 AM EST